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Elbilen på väg mot 2030 : Handlingsplan för införande av elbilen i Sverige

<p>The aim of this study is to examine possibilities and barriers for an introduction of electric vehicles in Sweden. The study has an interdisciplinary approach and thoroughly examines the essential topics which influence the future of the electric vehicle. The study reaches from answering the question on why electric vehicles lost the game to petrol cars in the early 20th century, to sketch how the difference in total cost of ownership will be between electric vehicles and petrol cars for the coming 20 years. Apart from these subjects the main topics of the study are today’s and tomorrow’s situation regarding technology, charging, fuel, market and economic incentives from an electric vehicle perspective. A summary of the crucial factors for an introduction of electric vehicles to take place eventually leads to the main finding of the study: a road map consisting of recommended actions to stimulate an introduction of electric vehicles in Sweden. The road map is addressed to different actors which have been identified as crucial actors for an introduction to take place. The most important actions in the road map is that the Swedish government should form a national electric vehicle vision and introduce economic incentives where a new registration fee system for cars is the most important one. Furthermore should car manufacturers and retailers develop attractive business models for selling electric vehicles and different actors in private and public sector should install charging places for electric vehicles where and when needed, and develop business models for these.</p>
Date January 2010
CreatorsTroeng, Ulf, Falås, Mats
PublisherUppsala University, Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University, Department of Mathematics
Source SetsDiVA Archive at Upsalla University
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeStudent thesis, text
RelationUPTEC STS, 1650-8319 ; 10 020

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