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The Digital City

Grant, Michael January 2002 (has links)
This thesis outlines the experiences of the author in conducting various research and development, projects addressing different means of representing the urban environment. These projects all fall within a fifteen year period that has been characterised by the most rapid growth and diversification of any technology in history. The document steps through four eras in the progress of these projects and, while addressing only a single viewpoint, attempts to follow the developmental thread that has linked all these activities over the years. As with all retrospective treatments of a single technology there is always a time period when a single snapshot represents the expensive state-of-the-art which, some time later, becomes derided as worthless and outdated before finally entering a phase where it may be regarded with nostalgia and perhaps new found worth. This cycle is true to all aspects of computing technology, hardware, software and applications. The rapid pace of progress with the computing industry has distorted this time frame allowing ground breaking applications of only a few years of age to be treated with derision by some of those who have only experienced the latest cutting edge of the technology. Unfortunately this temporal distortion has forced much of our computing history towards an early grave without providing a sufficient period within which fond memories might grow. This is lamentable not just for emotional reasons but mainly because many of today's techniques and technologies are based on yesterday's precedents. In order to appreciate the reasoning behind any one developmental phase of the project it is necessary to place it in its context of the available computing infrastructure both in terms of hardware and software. To this end each chapter seeks to identify the key enabling technological foundations on which the work is constructed.

Nejmenší vážené čtverce a jejich asymptotika / The least weighted squares and its asymptotics

Raušová, Magdaléna January 2016 (has links)
When there are some influential observations present in a data set (such as outliers or leverage points), the use of some robust method may be desirable for being able to draw relevant conclusions from an econometric analysis. In order to use these methods properly, we need some diagnostic tools. To be able to derive these tools theoretically, we first need to know the form of the asymptotic representation of corresponding estimator. This thesis derives the asymptotic representation of the estimator obtained by the method of least weighted squares under the assumption of heteroskedastic residuals. The tight- ness of the estimator and its asymptotic representation under several levels of contamination is also shown in a simulation study.

The use of comprehension strategies by good and poor learners : a longitudinal study

Lister, Janice E. January 1999 (has links)
No description available.

Jaget, könet, action : En kvalitativ undersökning om könsrollers påverkan på åskådarens identifikation / The self, the gender, the action : A qualitative study of the influence of gender roles on the identification of the spectator

Andersson, Louise January 2017 (has links)
Syftet med uppsatsen är att med hjälp av en kvalitativ undersökning undersöka förhållandet mellan kön och identifikation. Diskussionen kommer att utgå från uppsatsens hypotes och frågeställning som är följande: Hur viktigt är det för en genres popularitet att få åskådarna att identifiera sig med karaktärerna i verk som tillhör genren? Kan åskådarnas identifikation med karaktärer i verk som tillhör genren action underlättas av att det finns en stark eller framträdande karaktär av samma kön som åskådaren?   Med hjälp av olika informationskällor, så som teorier, intervjuer och recensioner, kommer diskussioner samt analyser om förhållandet presenteras utifrån olika infallsvinklar. Studien visar att ämnet samt frågeställningen är väldigt komplex och att vidare forskning bör göras för att få ett konkret svar. Analysen har dock visar på tre viktiga aspekter som har stor påverkan på arbetet. Identifikation: Vad identifierar jag med mig? Mitt kön, min ålder, min hudfärg? Representation: Hur representeras de olika karaktärerna i verken? Porträtteras de olika könen på olika sätt och hur påverkar de identifikationsprocessen? Genre: Vad förväntar åskådarna av en genre? Vad händer om förväntningarna inte blir besvarade?

An Algebraic Approach to Quantum Systems Using Finite Group Representation

Choi, Brian Jongwon January 2014 (has links)
Thesis advisor: Dubi Kelmer / Undergraduate physics emphasizes the Schrödinger's analytic approach in solving and understanding quantum systems. Although briefly mentioned, group-theoretic approach is not emphasized, at least in terms of mathematical rigour. I attempt to kill the two rabbits - rigour and application. Part I develops the necessary formal theory of representation of finite group. In part II: Application, I primarily focus on the behaviour of an electron in various potentials where the spherical symmetry of an atom is broken into finite symmetry where I can readily apply the machineries that I have developed in part I. Basic notions of group theory, linear algebra and quantum mechanics are assumed. / Thesis (BS) — Boston College, 2014. / Submitted to: Boston College. College of Arts and Sciences. / Discipline: Mathematics Honors Program. / Discipline: College Honors Program. / Discipline: Mathematics.

Analysis of microstrip antenna on spherical and cylindrical surface.

January 1994 (has links)
by Tam Wai Yip. / Thesis (Ph.D.)--Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1994. / Includes bibliographical references (leaves 139-145). / Acknowledgments --- p.iii / Abstract --- p.iv / List of Symbols --- p.xi / List of Figures --- p.xvii / Chapter 1. --- Introduction / Chapter 1.1 --- Brief Review --- p.1 / Chapter 1.2 --- Statement of Problem --- p.5 / Chapter 1.3 --- Organization --- p.6 / Chapter 2. --- Spherical Circular and Annular Microstrip Antenna / Chapter 2.1 --- Introduction --- p.9 / Chapter 2.2 --- Vector Legendre Series Formulation --- p.10 / Chapter 2.3 --- Galerkin's Procedure --- p.17 / Chapter 2.4 --- Input Impedance --- p.20 / Chapter 2.5 --- Far Zone Radiation Pattern --- p.20 / Chapter 2.6 --- Radiation Resistance using Electric Surface Current Model --- p.22 / Chapter 2.7 --- Numerical Examples --- p.24 / Chapter 2.7.1 --- Input Impedance --- p.25 / Chapter 2.7.2 --- Resonance Radiation Resistance --- p.29 / Chapter 2.7.3 --- Far Zone Radiation Pattern --- p.35 / Chapter 2.8 --- Summary --- p.41 / Chapter 3. --- Cylindrical Rectangular Microstrip Antenna with Coplanar Elements / Chapter 3.1 --- Introduction --- p.42 / Chapter 3.2 --- Integral Equation Formulation --- p.44 / Chapter 3.3 --- Input Impedance with Coplanar Parasitic Elements --- p.50 / Chapter 3.4 --- Far Zone Radiation Pattern --- p.51 / Chapter 3.5 --- Mutual Coupling between Antennas --- p.52 / Chapter 3.6 --- Numerical Examples --- p.56 / Chapter 3.6.1 --- Input Impedance with Coplanar Parasitic Elements --- p.56 / Chapter 3.6.2 --- Mutual Coupling between Antennas --- p.76 / Chapter 3.7 --- Summary --- p.85 / Chapter 4. --- Aperture Coupled Rectangular Cylindrical Microstrip Antenna / Chapter 4.1 --- Introduction --- p.86 / Chapter 4.2 --- Integral Equation Formulation using Reciprocity Method --- p.89 / Chapter 4.3 --- Input Impedance of a Stripline Feed Aperture Coupled Microstrip Antenna --- p.99 / Chapter 4.4 --- Input Impedance of a Microstrip Line Feed Aperture Coupled Microstrip Antenna --- p.100 / Chapter 4.5 --- Numerical Examples --- p.101 / Chapter 4.5.1 --- Stripline Feed Antennas --- p.101 / Chapter 4.5.2 --- Microstrip Line Feed Antennas --- p.110 / Chapter 4.6 --- Summary --- p.115 / Chapter 5. --- Green's Functions for a Electric Current on a Dielectric Coated Sphere / Chapter 5.1 --- Expansion of Fields using Spherical Harmonics --- p.116 / Chapter 5.2 --- Green's Functions in Spectral Domain --- p.119 / Chapter 6. --- Green's Functions for a Current on a Dielectric Coated Cylinder / Chapter 6.1 --- Expansion of Fields with Auxiliary Potentials --- p.121 / Chapter 6.2 --- Green's Functions in Spectral Domain --- p.125 / Chapter 7. --- Green's Functions for a Current inside a Triple Layered Cylinder / Chapter 7.1 --- Expansion of Fields with Auxiliary Potentials --- p.129 / Chapter 7.2 --- Green's Functions in Spectral Domain --- p.132 / Chapter 8. --- Conclusions and Recommendations / Chapter 8.1 --- Conclusions --- p.137 / Chapter 8.2 --- Recommendations for Future Research --- p.138 / References --- p.139 / Appendices / Chapter A. --- Vector Legendre Series --- p.146 / Chapter B. --- Surface Current for Spherical Microstrip Antenna --- p.149 / Chapter C. --- Modified Reciprocity Theorem --- p.152 / Chapter D. --- Spherical Bessel Functions and Legendre Functions --- p.154 / Chapter E. --- Approximated Green's functions Gθθ and Gφφ for large n --- p.157 / Chapter F. --- Current Distributions for Cylindrical Rectangular Microstrip Antenna --- p.163 / Chapter G. --- "Evaluation of Zijmn, V1imand V2im" --- p.165 / Chapter H. --- Deformation of Integration of Path --- p.169 / Chapter I. --- Hankel Functions --- p.170 / Chapter J. --- Current Distributions for Aperture Coupled Antenna --- p.172 / Chapter K. --- "Evaluation of ΔV,Ye1, Ye2, Yai , Vi and Zij" --- p.176 / Chapter L. --- Program Listing for stripline Feed Aperture Coupled Microstrip Antenna --- p.178

The making of Hong Kong Shakespeare : post-1997 adaptations and appropriations

Lau, Leung Che Miriam January 2018 (has links)
2017 marked the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China after 156 years of British colonial rule. As the ensuing chapters will show, the rapid socio-political changes which have overtaken Hong Kong during those two decades, and the question of how the city is now to view its cultural identity in relation both to its former colonial master and to the People's Republic into which it has officially been subsumed, are nowhere more richly reflected than in the Shakespearean productions staged by local repertory companies since the handover. Adopting a cultural materialist reading in this neocolonial context, my thesis examines post-1997 Hong Kong Shakespeare that comment variously on the identity of the city through staging sinicized, aestheticized and socio-politicised versions of the plays. My introduction contextualizes Hong Kong's position on the current intellectual map of Asian Shakespeare, arguing that Hong Kong Shakespeare should not be subsumed under the heading of Chinese Shakespeare. Chapter One discusses Richard Ho's Hamlet: Sword of Vengeance, which though premièred in the colonial era was later tellingly restaged in Hong Kong and in England after the handover. Chapter Two analyses the configuration of China as an aesthetic metaphor in Tang Shu-wing's Titus Andronicus 2.0 and Macbeth. Chapter Three discusses the emergence of a new Hong Kong identity in Hardy Tsoi's Julius Caesar and Shamshuipo Lear. Chapter Four establishes the necessity of considering Hong Kong's counter discourse to China's centrism in Jimmy Lee's Post-The Taming of the Shrew. Sandwiched between the colonial and the neocolonial, Hong Kong Shakespeare generates an independent narrative of its own through struggle and cultural negotiation.

In the shadow of Peter Brook : designing and redesigning 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' at the Royal Shakespeare Company, 1970-2000

Graybill, David Joseph January 2018 (has links)
The Royal Shakespeare Company's 1970 production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Peter Brook and designed by Sally Jacobs, is the most influential production of Shakespeare in the twentieth century. Indeed its design licenced audiences, critics, academics, and practitioners to visualize the setting of the play as something more than a staid palace in Athens and a sylvan forest of actual shrubbery. Incorporating a wide range of archival material including the previously unknown full-length recording of that production, I trace how the scenography for the 1970 production has shaped institutional trends of designing Dream at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, both visually and conceptually. In the six main stage RSC productions that followed, those directors and designers all responded to the famous white-box design to varying degrees, highlighting trends within the institution. In 1989, an artistic movement in stage design began, as practitioners at the RSC, instead of avoiding the innovative box set, boldly appropriated the design and production concepts from the 1970 production. This history of designing Dream at the RSC and the critics and academics who write on this topic, have not only shaped the modern impression of Brook and Jacobs’s production, they have noticeably transformed it.

Embodying dialogue : hybridity and identity in Japanese Shakespeare productions

Fielding, Rosalind Jane January 2018 (has links)
This thesis examines and re-evaluates the contemporary performance of Shakespeare in Japan, taking the impact of social and political developments into account. The first part discusses the changing status of Shakespeare in Japan and corresponding representations of the theatrical past onstage. Two different responses to The Merchant of Venice are used to demonstrate this change, one from a British director and one from a Japanese one. The second chapter expands on this changing status to discuss the ways recent productions have responded to social issues and anxieties, particularly to perceived issues amongst the younger generations. The remainder of the thesis analyses the later stages of Ninagawa Yukio’s career and his Shakespeare productions with his two companies, Saitama Next Theatre and Saitama Gold Theatre. This thesis concludes that through the depiction of hybridity, contemporary performances of Shakespeare are part of an ongoing dialogue between Japanese and British theatre, and through the detailed study of never or rarely examined productions defamiliarises the existing narrative of intercultural Shakespeare in Japan.

Representative role behavior at the local level : an empirical analysis of the relationship between representative and constituent

Crandall, Douglas January 2010 (has links)
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