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The research of marketing strategy and recruit performance ¢w a case as private schools in Kaohsiung city

Lan, I-Pin 03 August 2006 (has links)
Faced with the pressure of competition and reformation of education in public schools, private schools facing difficult plight in recruit students, although they have different reasons, most private schools use poor marketing strategy to enhance the competitiveness of the schools are indisputable fact. This paper takes a case as private schools in Kaohsiung city to discuss the relativity of schools marketing strategy and recruit performance and offer some references for the research of private schools layout in future. The research of this paper is focused on the problems of private schools marketing; because of the occupational schools have lots of sections, so the selection of samples use the fashion of conception, this paper selected the teachers, students and paterfamilias as the objects of this research. This paper studies a total of 1800 questionnaires were issued, recovering valid questionnaires 817 shares and the rate of return was 45.39%, thereinto, students questionnaires were 600 shares, 457 shares valid questionnaires were recovered and the rate of return was 76.17%, paterfamilias questionnaire were 600 shares, 157 shares valid questionnaires were recovered and the rate of return was 26.17%, teachers questionnaire were 600 shares , 203 shares valid questionnaires were recovered and the rate of return was 33.83%. Based on the research, this paper got some conclusions, the conclusions following are: (1)The mixed strategies of marketing of this research are the important lay in the marketing of private schools; (2) According to this study found that the various marketing strategies has its main marketing projects; (3) "Access planning" is the most important content projects of the status of private schools marketing attitude, "equipment strategy" is the most important projects of the cognitive degree of private schools marketing strategies; (4) Through the analysis of questionnaires of teachers, students and paterfamilias, it knows that the vast majority of teachers¡¦ score higher than parents and students, it means the teachers on the status of the marketing approach for the best; (5) Different identity variables exists significant differences in different lays; (6)The study finds students more attractive marketing attitudes, school enrolment more effective performance, paterfamilias marketing attitude better, the marketing strategy for schools to focus on the image of the strategy, teachers marketing attitude more better, more awareness for schools¡¦ marketing.

Do High School Football Recruit Ratings Accurately Predict NFL Success?

Wheeler, Nicholas 01 January 2018 (has links)
This paper explores the correlation between the recruit ratings of football players coming out of high school and their future levels of success in the NFL. Specifically, I look at a player’s star rating, numerical rating, and overall rank within his high school graduating class, according to 247Sports’s Composite Rating system, as the key variables for a player’s recruit rating. I measure NFL success by a player’s position in the NFL draft specific to both round and overall pick, average games played per season over his NFL career, highest annual cash earnings during his NFL career, and average Approximate Value per season in the NFL. Results indicate a significant relationship between recruit ratings and NFL success only when considering NFL draft selection as the measure for success. Broadly, recruit ratings don’t appear to correlate with success in the NFL.

Corporate reputation¡BRecruit channel¡BRecruit effectiveness and Organizational attractiveness research of relation-High tech industry

Ko, Chin-Jung 07 February 2006 (has links)
Under the wave of globalization and liberalization, all enterprises face vigorous competition. The enterprises must adjust their resources and strategy to survive. Human resource is the most valuable and prominent property to a company.The recruit is the foundation of all the Human ResourceManagement. Quality Human Resource can increase the total benefits of the enterprise. And corporate reputation is recognized as a critical factor of competitive advantage for firms in the labor market.The recruiting effective in the process is very important. The purpose of this study was to examine the possible impact of the corporate reputation¡Brecruiting channel¡Brecruiting effective and view on organizational attractiveness. Therefore, this research bases on the survey of the High Tech Company in Taiwan.By statistic analysis method get some findings as follows: 1.Corporate reputation, Recruit channel are significant affect to Recruit effectiveness. 2.Corporate reputation, Recruit channel are significant affect to Organizational attractiveness. 3.Corporate reputation, Recruit channel, Recruit effectiveness, Organizational attractiveness are significant affect to different character of Corporate.

Nature of Stressors on Female Law Enforcement Academy Recruits

Dillard, Sandra Patricia 01 January 2019 (has links)
A problem in law enforcement academy training is that female recruits endure more stressors than male recruits endure. This can lead to fewer females opting for careers as law enforcement officers. The purpose of this study was to explore the unique stressors on female recruits when they are held to the same standards as males. The feminist theory was used as the theoretical framework for this study to depict how stress is perceived for the female. The first research question examined how outside stressors affected female trainees. The second research question examined how job-€related stressors affected female trainees. In-€depth, semistructured interviews with students that were enrolled in a basic law enforcement academy at a Southeastern United States training center were conducted using a phenomenological qualitative approach. Thirty-€two students were eligible for the study and 18 students participated. Data were analyzed using precoding of the transcription. Next, open coding, descriptive coding, and pattern coding were used to arrive at themes in the data. The results for the first research question showed that female trainees were affected regarding how they believe they are seen in society, how they are perceived in the family role, and how their peers view them as fellow future officers. The results for the second research question showed that female trainees are affected by being the sexual minority in their field, by negative male peer perception, by the treatment and acceptance by their superiors, by the potential career risks of this selection, and by the lack of time left for their personal well-€being. This research is useful to law enforcement to discern that female trainees have a higher level of stress over males and measures can be adopted through hiring and retention to result in positive social change.

A Case Study On Alternative Mentoring

Hsieh, Cheng-hung 05 September 2011 (has links)
Recently several enterprises are use to assisting the new employee with ¡§the mentoring function¡¨ for adaption and quick learning to get involved in their enterprises . And also there¡¦re some researches discussing about this issue. However, there should be an assumption in those is the person must be the formal employee of this company. Therefore, this research will be a case study which focuses on a foreign insurance company which has been for more than 20 years in Taiwan. The way they use of mentoring is different from others. They have started it from begining of recruit. It means that they will provide the level of management not only mentoring function but the estimate of the person whethere he/she may be the right one to take the job. That¡¦s the reason why I did research deeply in it in order to know more about the system of recruiting and training. In this case study, after using this function, the performance of new guys is obviously higher than other insurance companies. There¡¦re some my person opinions to suggest them and it might help them to consider more. Firstly, the company should fully authorise for the level of management to choose the person who suits to work in this company and work out tightly to gain the biggest benefits. Secondly, the case study shows that the company insists the way of recruit, hence the cost and training time would be higher than others. They should measure the whole system more completely for developing organization and staff settle.

The study of contemporary civil Servant Recruit/Appointment System of our Nation

Tsai, Cheng-chun 06 January 2004 (has links)
Abstract It is important and urgent for government¡¦s discretion to make good use of Recruit /appointment system to introduce new blood into the government to cope with the needs of the society. This essay tried to analyze the problems that our civil servants¡¦ recruiting system has encountered. The similar systems of other developed countries were also discussed. This essay made several suggestions concerning government reforms in accordance with the latest world trend and the way to help civil servants realize their roles in democratic administration. This essay also tried to make clear what government can do to review and revise personnel laws as well as civil service systems, so as to recruit competent individuals into the government to provide better services to the people. Because the reform of civil servant personnel system is a part of government reform plan, and the reform of recruit/appointment system is a crucial link of civil servant personnel system, while present recruit/appointment system still has some flaws to be corrected, this essay made some suggestions on the issues of examination , appointment and promotion. A. Examination: 1. To abolish the prerequisite qualifications in all kinds of national examinations. 2. To increase the number of ¡§extra list¡¨ of passers of both common and higher national examinations. 3. To widen the range of recruits from those who have passed profession and technician examinations to serve in the public section. 4. To adopt examinations with diversity and elasticity. B. Appointment system: 1. To reasonably raise the ranking paradigm of local civil servants. 2. To modify the rules of deputizing. 3. To allow the interchanges of persons of public and private sections. 4. To give elasticity to the laws of personnel appointment according to different geography locations. C. Promotion: 1. To increase the weight of performance and potential of development in the evaluation for promotion. 2. To limit the chief¡¦s authority in the evaluation for promotion. 3. To develop a fast promotion mechanism. The goal of civil servant system reform is ¡§Government Reform and Elastic Recruit¡¨. Therefore, this essay suggested that related governmental departments should play a more active role in government reform and to engage in a brand new innovation of civil servant recruit/appointment system.

Recruited Research-Rehire

Yeh, Feng-Ju 11 August 2003 (has links)
The recruit and the selection is the foundation of all the Human Resource Management. Quality Human Resource can increase the total benefits of the enterprise. However, the risk exists in all the selections of the employees. The enterprise must bear some losses if they hire an unsuitable new employee. Therefore, rehire become one of the recruit channels. This channel is worthwhile for many enterprises to adopt. It is not only save recruit cost, but also the during time of new employee adapt company culture and training cost. The other hand, the enterprise can avoid the resignation of new employee because of adapt not very well. It avoid the risk and cost of recruit again. This research collected the relevant information about the ex-employees to be employed again in different industries. The total samples are 231 pieces from 27 enterprises. The research probes: (1) Compared with the 1st employment have rehire employees get higher salaries and position, and work for their company longer ? (2) Will the working experience in the period of leaving of the rehire have higher salaries and positions ? (3) Will the different reason of reemployee of the rehire have different salary and position ? The result shows that the rehire¡¦s salary and position are higher than their 1st employment, and work their company longer than their 1st employment. If the rehire working during their leaving period, their salary are better than their 1st employment. The longer the leaving period is, the higher the salary and position are on their rehire. If the company reemployee the rehire initatively, their salary and position will higher than 1st employment. Finally, this research makes a concise and brief explanation to the research limitation, the future research direction and the suggestion to enterprises. Key words: rehire of ex-employee, recruit channel, performance and salary.

The effects of pre-service criminal history on recruit performance in the U.S. Navy

Connor, Jeffrey W 03 1900 (has links)
Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited / The purpose of this thesis is to determine the potential gain from using information from state criminal history files as a screen for enlistment. Additionally, two more fundamental questions are addressed. First, what is the level of pre-service criminal behavior in the recruit population and to what extent is it 'hidden' from the Navy? Second, does pre-service criminal behavior affect first term performance, and if so, how large is the effect? The data examined are composed of MEPCOM personnel files combined with state criminal history records which allow determination of recruits' actual recorded criminal backgrounds. Four measures of recruit success are identified: first-term unsuitability attrition; promotion to paygrade E-4; reenlistment eligibility; and retention beyond EAOS. Employing cross-tabulations and logit models, this research compares the effects of juvenile versus adult offenses, felony versus non-felony offenses, and convictions versus arrests on the likelihood of success. The results indicate that a moral waiver process relying on self- disclosure may not be effective in identifying an individual's criminal background and that recruits with pre-service criminal histories are more likely to attrite for unsuitability and are less likely to promote to E-4, be reenlistment eligible, or remain in the Navy beyond their EAOS. This study suggests adult felony criminal histories are effective predictors of future recruit success and recommends using state criminal information in the recruit selection process.

The study of recruiting strategy of private college under the trend of de-populization¡Xa case study of Kaomei college of health care and management

Chu, Yan-Chang 15 August 2011 (has links)
Abstract Education in Taiwan today face the most serious problem is that rapid fertility decline. The population is concentrated to the metropolitan area, relocation of villages and towns of the young population. Aging seriously dropped the number of students in remote areas, while the tertiary institutions have increased rapidly. Therefore, the private colleges will face the dilemma of low enrollment, the education market today liberalization in recent years, the number of additional colleges and universities nearly saturated, from the 1986-2008 school year, the number of colleges and universities has reached 162. School for the sake of sustainable development, to avoid being out of the market must change the current mode of operation. Private colleges and universities must master their own unique advantages, improve teaching quality, and to make appropriate use of marketing strategies to cope with enroll and enroll management insufficient predicament. The purpose of this study, that is the object from the private post-secondary school students (graduates close to 300-500 in the name of the country) questionnaire data and other high homogeneity of Nursing (1-2 home) Admission strategy, for the respondents By using quantitative analysis of questionnaire data, this research through quantitative survey data collected in the synchronization of the views of students and graduates around the country in about the views of school choice to students in-depth understanding of the key decision factors, to find private post-secondary school Admission policies should be Note that matters.

Recruitment and retention of bilingual/ESL teacher candidates in teacher preparation programs in Texas.

Diaz, Zulmaris 12 April 2006 (has links)
The demographics of the United States are rapidly changing, resulting in an increasingly diverse student population. Public school personnel must contend with the fact that a large number of students have limited English proficiency. These students deserve a quality education, yet often face impediments within the school system that hinder their academic progress. One means of helping English language learners is to offer bilingual or English as Second Language (ESL) instruction. Indeed, the demand for bilingual/ESL teachers is greater than the current supply. Teacher preparation programs have recognized this fact and have taken actions to increase the number of students attaining bilingual/ESL degrees and/or certifications. This study examines what strategies institutions of higher education in Texas are utilizing to recruit and retain bilingual/ESL teacher candidates. It also considers to what extent these institutions are effectively preparing their students to face linguistic issues in their future classrooms. Finally, the study describes the institutions of higher education in Texas that attract the highest number of bilingual/ESL teacher candidates and identifies the key factors in their successful efforts. The researcher used a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods to address the research questions. Data was generated via an electronically mailed questionnaire, sent to forty Deans or administrators of teacher preparation programs in Texas that offer bilingual and/or ESL education; thirty five of them responded. Descriptive statistic methods, including frequency counts, percentages, crosstabulation, and logistic regression, were used to analyzed the data. Information obtained from openended questions was checked for the recurrence of common themes. Five administrators at high enrollment institutions participated in follow-up interviews in order to provide more in-depth information. Findings from the study indicated that institutional commitment and funding levels were associated with high enrollments and with higher student scores on state-mandated bilingual and ESL certification exams. Recommendations include: making the programs a priority, expanding recruitment efforts, expanded advertising of programs and establishing university/public school liaisons. Bilingual/ESL student organizations, offering scholarships and financial advising, and establishing student/faculty mentoring programs should be used to assist teacher candidates during their academic careers so that they will be effective teachers when they graduate.

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