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research of orchid industry

Chang, Shu-Min 14 September 2006 (has links)
Abstract Taiwan has a subtropical climate that is the exceptional advantaged prior requirement for orchid breeding. It also has the most ideal ecological environment and abundant sources of original species. From interest planting in the past, up to the planting and production works for Japan, all the profoundest production skills are accumulated and enhanced as the organization and reproduction skills of breeding genes were largely refined and improved in these recent years. Following large production of orchids and reduction of capitals, orchids are distributed out to markets in the country and internationally with prices at par. Phalaenopsis (butterfly orchid) is the most famous breed of all which has occupied half of the world¡¦s market. With the internationalization and liberalization of international competitive markets, the rapid change of environment is incomparable with the past. Under the pressures of competing over the quality with advanced countries like Holland and contending for prices with the less advanced countries like Mainland China, Taiwan traders have to endure the competitive pressures of both inside and outside Taiwan with specific might and know how to cope with things such as: protection system for breed patents, approval by the environmental protective unit, quarantine system, and other environmental problems that might be confronted. This is a very important topic for the traders on whether the industry would successfully grow or not. In 2004, phalaenopsis has been ranked by the government to be the leader of the flagship agricultural products. It has the potential of effective sales throughout the whole world. This research had made brief description on the development of each stage of the industry and understood the environmental features of the industry in every stage. And through the survey of the entire industrial value chain (breeding, organized cultivation, production, approaches) , the research had also comprehended the challenges confronted by the industry such as: delivery on schedule, link production, quality control, international sales, order taking ability, blight control, etc. Attempts were made in searching out for the core competency (breeding, quantity production skills) from the causes behind the problems (cognitive concept, basic works are not firmed enough, insufficient management ability). Abilities must thoroughly be developed and the faults must be improved, and the environmental changes of the industry must be promptly coped with. Lastly, it was suggested that new performance spaces be developed for uncompetitive new creations with higher values and furthermore, create new professional brand images to seek for a new industrial trend.

A study on co-opetition between 3G and WiMAX

Chen, Shao-Wen 21 January 2008 (has links)
3G and WiMAX are two main streams in the existent broadband wireless access technologies. It has been 6 years since the 3G license be released in October, 2001. 3G enters the market much earlier; it not only extends the mobility of 2G, but combines the advantage of sounds, data, and image. But so far, it still can¡¦t inspire customer¡¦s demand. On the other hand, with the power of Intel, the new technology, WiMAX intends to adopt the successful experience of WiFi into the market of broadband wireless access technologies. WiMax can also offer triple-play, even lower cost, and faster transfer. When these two similar technologies both exist in the market, will they be complementary or mutually exclusive? This question will be discussed in the paper. The conclusion is, after comparing 3G with WiMAX, figuring out 6 key factors that would affect the co-competition. 1.the time of technology competition 2. segmentation of services 3. demand of customers 4.market orientation and strategy 5. policy of government 6. building ecological system. Basically speaking, when WiMAX moves toward 3G, the market share is depended on technology maturity, entrance time, using habit of customers, and cost advantage of product.


Bedada,, Samson Mechal, Eshetu, Messay Shiibre January 2011 (has links)
In today’s globalized business world Corporate Social Responsibility hasbecome the pioneer business issue with ethical business governance. Nonetheless,the idea is in the early developing stage in most of the underdevelopedcountries like Ethiopia. Unlike the developed world in which the corporategovernance system plays a kin role in ensuring the ethical business practice,countries without stock market like Ethiopia are faced with lack of wellestablished ethical business practice.   Ethiopian flower industry is at its infancy stage and generates aconsiderable amount of foreign currency and provides job opportunity for manycitizens. However it is still accused of unsustainable flower production.   This paper explores the practice of corporate social responsibility and therelated governance on Ethiopian flower industry. It highlights particularly oncorporate social responsibility practices and its implementation through theassistance of government bodies and other stakeholders. It attempts to revealthe growth of the industry, corporate social responsibility and governmentalregulations with its CSR drivers. The study also assesses convergence of theeconomical, ecological and human practices of flower farms with its related CSRdrivers in promoting their governance on corporate social responsibility. Finallythis research provides opportunity for students, researchers and stakeholdersto analyze and discuss on the current CSR issue of the industry.

The Study Of Business Apply Innovation Elevate The Competition In Case Of KKL

Chen, Li-tsu 14 September 2006 (has links)
Abstract The key of blooming Companies is INNOVATION ,therefore, a number of signs (namely aptotic service, product and marketing strategy)will be the decay of concerns. Generally speaking, the main method used in my research is by searching the scientific or technical literature and the minor information is form the interview, field trip. The typical example the I am going to mention is the advantage of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc(as known as KKL) in the their marketing strategy by collecting the documents and to analyze the detail as I got, and then, to attest the result which I suggest this company how to improve and solve the problem they are facing. According to the literature, My thesis will provide the contents of the value form innovation strategy and structure of concerns, which developed in three significant points(value chain, primary activities and support activities, respectively). Further and even more importantly, though, there are over a half of concerns get more than 25% turnover form the products and services that developed recent 3 years ,not only for local companies but also the global ones . The main reason to give them the greatly competitiveness is from the innovation ideas. Furthermore, most companies have to innovate themselves to address the market. According the research of Boston Consulting Group, approximately 90% chairmen must promote their work team by innovation .In the meanwhile, the report mentions that the other 4 points of results below: 1. The team could not achieve the goal in the period. 2. The ratio of success was too law. 3. The allocation of resource was not enough. 4. The cooperation of each department was not enough. In stark contrast, is Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc able to keep a steady grow and be the leader of this market, The topic will be the challenge for them. By way of conclusion, I will relative the innovation speed and the different of companies¡¦s features,then provide ideas for the innovation method for Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc Keyword : innovation, competitiveness ¡Avalue chain

Research of Value Chain in Taiwan Foundry Industry Investment in China

Tsou, Li-Jen 17 June 2002 (has links)
Abstract This research describes the value chain development of Taiwan foundry industry¡¦s investment in China and analyzes how the foundry firm establishes its value chain and strategy in the different industry environment. The research also raises inferences about Taiwan foundry industry¡¦s value-chain mode and business model and expects to be reference materials for the industry and government. The research content includes the analysis of Taiwan and China semi-conductor industries¡¦ environment, the analysis of the industry value chain, and the scenario analysis of China¡¦s industry environment and Taiwan¡¦s foundry industry de velopment. Finally, here come the research findings of this thesis: 1. The foundry industry in Taiwan already established a stable competitive advantage. After investing in China, it will also play a key role in the development of China¡¦s semi-conductor industries. 2. Taiwan foundry industry will be the coordinator of China¡¦s semi-conductor industry value-chain, and promote the development there. 3. There exist the demand and trend which the foundry industry will raise its added value in the semi-conductor industry value-chain, especially after investing in China. 4. When the foundry industry tries to raise its added value, some activities like IP providing and IC design service will be the optimum alternatives. 5. After investing in China, the development of the foundry industry will be highly related to the progress of local system industry and IC design industry. 6. No matter how industry environment evolve, the foundry industry will change its value chain structure on the basis of reducing the transaction cost and developing the synergy. 7. The foundry industry won¡¦t do the real integration unless the foundry¡¦s potential profit be limited or the real integration can bring the huge profit. 8. No matter integrate or not, the foundry industry shouldn¡¦t compete with its customer. 9. The foundry industry establish a symbiosis system with its customer, but it will form the different strategies depend the customer classification.

Ethno-cultural Vegetables in Ontario: Understanding the Value Chain

Nawaratne, Yasantha 11 January 2012 (has links)
This thesis attempts to understand the value chain of ethno-cultural vegetables (ECV) in Ontario to develop recommendations to benefit farmers and other stakeholders. This research has used a mixed method approach. At present ECV demand is huge and much of it is imported which involves long food miles. Growing ECV locally has multiple benefits to the society and environment. Two types of major value chains with many variations can be identified due to a range of socio-cultural, economic and physical factors. Small and large scale farmers were involved in local ECV production. The Ontario Food Terminal and other importers play a significant role in ECV supply. Supermarkets and ethnic grocery stores were important in ECV marketing. Local producers have the opportunity to supply fresh ECV which requires knowledge about production under local conditions, raising consumer awareness, educating all the stakeholders of the ECV value chain regarding benefits and market potentials. / Vineland research and Innovation Center

Producer responsibility and the role of industry in managing waste from electrical and electronic equipment

Rodgers, Cheryl January 1999 (has links)
No description available.


Kurtinaityte, Laura January 2007 (has links)
Electronic health – this is the object of study work. The focus of research is European countries, which use Information and Communication Technologies improving their Health care system and it is not excepted is the country advanced in developing e-Health or it just started to create or improve this system. As it is a new Developing research area, there are not so many direct relevant researches about it previously found. Therefore it encourages the investigation of this topic, which according to European Commission and Enterprise Directorate General (2003) could reach greatest economy on saving costs in whole service sector. Thus the guidelines for efficient e-Health development should be given as soon as possible. The study work is exactly aimed on this.

Attraction All Inclusive : Towards Poverty Reduction through Tourism in Nampula

Hagberg, Elin, Stenhoff, Anna January 2009 (has links)
<p>This is an analysis of the potential for creating a sustainable value-chain for tourism in the Nampula province in northern Mozambique. Research for this analysis has been conducted both in Mozambique from a supply and community perspective and from the international demand level in Sweden. The study establishes that Nampula has the resources in the form of scenic landscapes, pristine beaches and a rich cultural and historical heritage that give ample potential to build a tourism industry. There are however, several obstacles that have to be overcome if the development of a tourism industry is to become reality. These obstacles include poor infrastructure, problems of marketing, a rather unvaried tourism supply, financial and monetary policy issues, low skills and knowledge, low integration of local production with the tourism sector, intricate bureaucracy, insufficient dialogue and socio- cultural issues.Analyses of international demand show a view of Mozambique as an expensive tourist destination with lower standards than competing destinations with similar price-levels. Marketing of tourism supply in Mozambique, and especially in Nampula, do not reach the international tourism market to any substantial degree and what actually does reach the market caters more for the luxury end.The most important conclusions drawn from this study are that substantial infrastructural development is needed on all levels and that there is a need to incorporate sustainable thinking within all measures and activities regarding tourism development. Furthermore, in order to attract larger volumes and different categories of tourists, diversification of tourist activities is required together with general improvements in standards of facilities and value-for-money. Regional cooperation and a wider focus on Nampula’s tourist-attracting opportunities such as culture-conscious tourism might help to create a local “trademark” and improve marketing options and possibilities. There is also need for increased access to basic education and information to facilitate the integration of local communities with the tourism sector. In addition, increased cross-sector coordination and dialogue are vital to an integrated and sustainable development of the tourism sector. For example, local agricultural development and improved distribution channels should not only be regarded as ends in themselves but also as beneficial towards the tourism industry – and vice versa.</p>

Competition analysis of Taiwan stainless steel fitting industry

OU, Hsin-yu 04 July 2012 (has links)
In the past, the main force of Taiwan's economic development is the traditional manufacturing industry. After decades of changes in industrial structure, actual production plants of many factories have been moved to the outside of Taiwan only the of the administration center to stay in Taiwan. As of today, the number of manufacturing sector in Taiwan have been gradually diminished. However, the actual production capacity is very important to a country. Steel pipe and pipe fittings is infrastructure components that were used as a framework for plant pipeline in the establishment of a factory, which were used in petrochemical, chemical, construction, medical, nuclear, high-tech industries when factories, maintenance required. The method in this study is the case interview, and we interviewed with seven main production company of stainless steel pipe fittings industry in Taiwan to understand the competitive situation of the stainless steel pipe fittings industry in Taiwan. And intends to interview about dimensions of competitive strategy, response mode, human resources, marketing, customer development, product, valuable resources. Then learned that the various manufacturers of competitive strategy, competitive advantage, and then identify each vendor's market position in the market. The study found that, relatively speaking, Taiwan is still the base of the stainless steel pipe industry. Every year, Taiwan still import foreign pipe fittings. This suggest that there is a growth space of the pipe industry in the domestic market. In the seven companies, The market leader is TA CHEN stainless pipe co., LTD; The market challengers are TRU-FLOW INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD, TACHIA YUNG HO MACHINE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD, LIANG FENG STAINLESS STEEL FITTING CO.,LTD; And the market followers are CHU TEI FU PIPING FITTNG MATERIAL CO.,LTD, HEN DAI FITTNG CO.,LTD, KAO JUNG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. In this study, four suggestions were given to these companies, increase the different products, enhanced marketing capabilities, increase the certification and to maintain R & D capabilities

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