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Does Inflation Tend to Perpetuate Itself? The Case of Latin America

Harraf, Ebrahim 01 May 1985 (has links)
The purpose of this study was threefold: (1) to test the existing theory which explains inflation as a result of its self-generating nature; (2) to investigate the contribution of foreign trade upon inflation; and (3) to test the casual relationship between the rate of inflation and the deficit. A system of four equations has been used to explain the relationship between the price level and the monetary expansion, between the rate of growth of the monetary base and the rate of the monetary expansion, the deficit and the monetary base, and, finally, between the deficit and the price level. As the existing model was exposed to open economy assumptions by introducing foreign reserves as another source of variation of monetary base, the explanatory power of the model increased. That is, as the results suggest, explaining the inflation/deficit chain in the context of a closed economy assumption leaves much of the process unexplained. Even though part of the increase in the monetary base is caused by foreign trade, a major portion of the expansion in monetary base is caused by the deficit. That is, a government's expenditure exceeds its revenue in any given year, which results in financing that deficit through borrowing from the central bank--that is, monetizing the deficit. This study suggests that no generality can be made regarding the source of inflation in Latin America. In some countries, the source of inflation is only the deficit, while in others it is only foreign reserves and deficit contribute to the rate of inflation simultaneously, the effect of foreign reserves is less expansionary. This can be seen from the magnitude of the respective parameter estimates. In the last part of the study, the Granger test of causality has been used to test the causal relationship between the price level and the deficit. Again, countries exhibit heterogeneous results. In some, inflation apparently causes the deficit, while in others, the deficit is the cause of inflation. In several countries, strong feedback exists between these two variables. As a result, it can be concluded that the extent and sources of inflation for countries under study are different. In conclusion, a few policies are suggested which could be used to bring both deficits and inflation at least to some acceptable level.

From Obstacle to Opportunity : making reading meaningful in the classroom

Andreasson, Martina January 2012 (has links)
The aim of this essay is to learn how I as a teacher can work with reading in different ways to promote learning for students in upper secondary school. This is discussed with examples from Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and Randa Abdel-Fattah's Does My Head Look Big In This?. In this study, I found out that there are many factors that contribute to students' attitude towards reading and that affect their experience of a text. These factors consist of five emotions that affect reader response: assimilation, accommodation, sympathy, memories and identification, as well as four categorizing factors: age, gender, ethnicity and class.  Knowing these factors, we teachers have the tools to turn students' resistance to reading into something positive, and by doing this, we open up a myriad of learning opportunities through reading.

An Analysis of a Measure of Productivity in Mule Deer Populations

Ryel, Ronald J. 01 May 1980 (has links)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between the fall proportion of fawns among fawns and does in a mule deer population and two measures of productivity, the spring recruitment rate and the reproductive performance as measured in the fall. The spring recruitment rate was defined to be the number of fawns per doe which were recruited into the population at 1 year of age. The reproductive performance was defined to be the number of fawns produced per doe 2 years or older which survive to a specified time. The relationships between these quantities were measured by calculating linear coefficients of correlation from data generated by a projection matrix model of a mule deer population. A coefficient of correlation of 0.86 was found between the fall proportion of fawns and the rate at which fawns are recruited into the spring population. A coefficient of correlation of 0.89 was found between the fall proportion of fawns and the reproductive performance as measured in the fall. The effect of misclassifying fawns as does and does as fawns on estimates of the proportion of fawns among fawns and does was also investigated. A comparison was made between the expected values of two estimates of the fall proportion, one with misclassification and one without misclassification. The misclassification of fawns and does was found to bias estimates of the proportion of fawns. The bias was found to be a function of the amount of misclassification and the actual pro, portion of fawns.

The history of the flute in jazz, basic techniques, and how jazz and improvisation can inform a classical performance

Rodriguez, Florida January 1900 (has links)
Master of Music / Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance / Karen M. Large / This report covers a history of the flute in jazz music as well as the advancement of the flute in jazz, starting from the late 1920s. The lives of jazz flute pioneers Alberto Socarrás, Wayman Carver, Herbie Mann, Hubert Laws, and Ali Ryerson are discussed, as well as their contributions to the history of jazz flute. Basic jazz techniques such as improvisation are broken down and explained for classically trained flutists and others who have an interest in playing jazz music but do not know where to begin. This report also discusses how practicing these techniques can further aid in preparing a classical performance. Examples included in this report are excerpts from Mozart’s Concerto in D Major for flute and Mike Mower’s Sonata Latino.

Rozpočtové určení daní / Budgeting of Taxes

Houdková, Kamila January 2017 (has links)
This diploma thesis examines the impact of the amendment to the Act on Budgeting of Taxes, effective from 1 January 2013, on the financing of municipalities setting up a school in their territory. The main aim of the diploma thesis is to find out what influence the amendment to the School Act and the Act on the Budgeting of Taxes has on the financing of municipalities establishing school and municipalities that do not establish school in their territory. Furthermore, whether the municipality, which establishes a school in its territory, is able to cover the costs incurred by education when fees are abolished, and the pupils from the municipalities in whose territory the school is not established are also able to attend. The diploma thesis deals with the issue of financing the municipality, which establishes a school and a municipality that does not establish a school in its territory. Then the issue is related to the whole Pardubice region, where I find out whether the municipalities setting up the school in their territory will be able to cover the costs related to the operation of the school after the amendment of the Act on Budgeting of Taxes.

Why does corruption havedifferent effects on economicgrowth? : – A case study of Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia / Varför har korruption olika effekter på ekonomisk tillväxt? : En fallstudie av Afrika söder om Sahara och Sydostasien

Brandt Hjertstedt, Amalia, Cetina, Hana January 2016 (has links)
The purpose of this study is to examine and analyse how corruption can have different outcome on economic growth. A clear  division can be seen in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia where corruption have different economic outcomes. The countries in this study are the following: Botswana,  Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. The thesis composes of data over corruption indexes, annual growth in GDP, and socio-economic indicators such as political stability and Rule  of Law. The result from theassembled statistics is analysed through the Principal -Agent theory as well as previous research. Previous research includes both positive and negative studies on corruption. The  conclusion is that corruption has not a direct effect on economic growth but socio-economic indicators have an important role to explain the different outcome on corruption. The Principal-Agent theory helps us to un derstand the structure of the governmental body and the outcome of corruption.

Nemesis and Fulness: Reinhold Niebuhr's Vision of History, 1927-1934

Moquist, Tod Nolan 01 1900 (has links)
Permission from the author to digitize this work is pending. Please contact the ICS library if you would like to view this work. / There are many excellent studies of the life and thought of Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971), prominent Christian ethicist, social philosopher, and political activist of the American Century. Most studies focus on his mature works of mid-century, particularly his theological ethics. The following study treats his emergent theory of history between 1927-1934, especially the idea of progress and the narrative of modern capitalist society. During this formative period Niebuhr wrote three major books (Does Civilization Need Religion? [1927], Moral Man and Immoral Society [1932], and Reflections on the End of an Era [1934]) which reflect his intellectual passage from religious liberalism and the politics of persuasion to "Christian-Marxism" and the politics of power. The following thesis will trace the diverse historiographical influences found in these works, from the church-historical perspective of Ernst Troeltsch to the dialectical materialism of Karl Marx. It is common to say that Niebuhr was purely a theologian of history. But following Ricoeur and White, I describe the main ingredients of a philosophy of history that are present in these writings: myth, plot, social processes, patterns of progress and cycle. Moreover, he was a "thinker in time"--these philosophical elements combined to render a plausible and meaningful narrative context for social action. In the early period Niebuhr began his lifelong critique of Enlightenment, capitalism, and the idea of progress. Following Robert Nisbet's analysis of the concept of progress in Western cultural history, I will argue that Niebuhr traverses his own peculiar dialectics of history, moving from the idea of progress-as-freedom (in the twenties) to the idea of progress-as-power (in the thirties); from the form of irony to the form of tragedy; from the concept of the voluntary reform of the excesses of captialism to the concept of the frank use of coercion to implement a socialist alternative to captialism. His philosophy of history in this period thus reflects in Christian idiom aspects of the very antinomies of the Enlightenment regarding personality and power, freedom and fate, which he desires to overcome.

Corpo sitiado..., a comunicação invisível: dança, rodas e poéticas

Correia, Fátima Daltro de Castro 11 September 2007 (has links)
Made available in DSpace on 2016-04-26T18:16:22Z (GMT). No. of bitstreams: 1 Fatima Daltro de Castro Correia.pdf: 981156 bytes, checksum: c066fd1d35e52db7caca7f986cb0bf9e (MD5) Previous issue date: 2007-09-11 / The increase of the images media exposition of wheels chair bodies promotes the impression to collaborate for the social inclusion of the body that we nominate deficient. However, the action of the nominations consecrated for the press, as of pcd (person with deficiency), operates exactly in the contrary direction, exposing the deficiency, transforming it into a stigma. The images of wheels chair bodies that are spreadon media are always associates to the question of the overcoming of limits, tying those bodies only to the values in circulation in the sport world. The prominence that the Paraolimpics Games occupies in the media inserts there, in the consolidation of the boarding of these bodies with images that congeal around an uniform way of the deficiencies in an only niche, delimited for the adopted concept of efficiency/productivity. A critical reflection regarding this situation becomes necessary to be able to deal with the dance that this body practises outside the narrow limits imposed for this stigma mechanism. For this, we here adopt the Theory Corpomedia (Katz & Greiner), with which if it presents the hypothesis of that the wheels chair body dancer is a complex system and able to breach with the perverse speech that the frozen images produce. The concept of corpomedia, formulated from the study of the communication between body, and its environments, favor the agreement of the paper that the media exploration has when it congeals the images that produce around the deficiency and not of the deficient one with its singularities. The methodology contemplates a Study of Case, Judite wants to cry, but it does not get it! , created for the wheels chair dancer Edu Oliveira; interviews aiming qualitative research; critical analysis of these interviews, carried through after the presentation of the spectacle in two different cities (Salvador and Votorantim); bibliographical revision of the subject of the deficient body; video registers. The bibliographical research allowed a brief historical panoramic sketch of the access of the wheels chair bodies to the world of dance and its social implications. Conclusion is that that the wheels chair dancer is cultural and biologically implied in a system of construction of images that associates him with a poor body and that they feed who it cognitivaly, with ominous consequences for the process of its social inclusion. From there the urgency in promoting actions that can breach with the media action in course. This is the role for the dance in wheels chair has and, to accomplish it, cannot be remained based in the criteria of the sport. The dance in wheels chair needs to discover its poetical, therefore they are who potencializes an effective social insertion / O aumento da exposição midiática de imagens de corpos cadeirantes promove a impressão de colaborar para a inclusão social do corpo que nomeamos de deficiente. Todavia, a ação das nomeações consagradas pela imprensa, como a de pcd (pessoa com deficiência), opera justamente no sentido contrário, midiatizando a deficiência, transformando-a em um estigma. As imagens de corpos cadeirantes que ganham divulgação estão sempre associadas à questão da superação de limites, vinculando aqueles corpos somente aos valores em circulação no mundo do desporto. O destaque que a Paraolimpíada ocupa na mídia se insere aí, na consolidação da abordagem desses corpos com imagens que se congelam em torno de uma uniformização das deficiências em um nicho único, delimitado pelo conceito de eficiência/produtividade adotado. Faz-se necessária uma reflexão crítica a respeito dessa situação para poder tratar da dança que esse corpo pratica fora dos estreitos limites impostos por esse mecanismo estigmatizador. Para isso, aqui se adota a Teoria Corpomídia (Katz & Greiner), com a qual se apresenta a hipótese de que o corpo do dançarino cadeirante é um sistema complexo e apto a romper com o discurso perverso que as imagens congeladas produzem. O conceito de corpomídia, formulado a partir do estudo da comunicação entre corpo, e seus ambientes, favorece o entendimento do papel que a exploração midiática tem quando congela as imagens que produz em torno da deficiência e não do deficiente com suas singularidades. A metodologia contempla um Estudo de Caso, o do espetáculo Judite quer chorar, mas não consegue! , criado pelo dançarino cadeirante Edu Oliveira; entrevistas com fins de pesquisa qualitativa; análise crítica dessas entrevistas, realizadas após a apresentação do espetáculo em duas cidades diferentes (Salvador e Votorantim); revisão bibliográfica do tema do corpo deficiente; registros em vídeo. A pesquisa bibliográfica permitiu um breve esboço panorâmico/ histórico do acesso dos cadeirantes ao mundo da dança e suas implicações sociais. Concluiu-se que o dançarino cadeirante é cultural e biologicamente implicado em um sistema de construção de imagens que o associam ao corpo coitadinho e que são elas que o alimentam cognitivamente, com conseqüências nefastas para o processo de sua inclusão social. Daí a urgência em promover ações que possam romper com a ação midiática em curso. É esse o papel que a dança em cadeira de rodas tem e, para desempenhá-lo, não pode se manter pautada pelos critérios do desporto. A dança em cadeira de rodas precisa descobrir as suas poéticas, pois são elas que potencializam uma inserção social efetiva

Le dualisme juridictionnel français à l'épreuve de l'Europe / French juridictional dualism put to the test of Europe

Di Filippo, Alessandra 13 December 2014 (has links)
La perspective européenne a renouvelé l’intérêt de la question du maintien ou de la suppression du dualisme juridictionnel en France à travers deux approches : la résistance aux modèles concurrents d’organisation juridictionnelle d’une part, le crible des standards européens d’autre part. Considéré comme un modèle d’organisation juridictionnelle, le système français a inspiré la majorité des Etats européens. Le phénomène a néanmoins été temporaire. Désormais, la plupart des Etats européens ont un système d’organisation juridictionnelle qui se rattache à un autre modèle. Engager le système français dans une telle voie est juridiquement faisable mais peu opportun en pratique. Le système français en tant que modèle – quoique minoritaire – d’organisation juridictionnelle a donc vocation à perdurer. Sur un autre front, l’alignement du système français sur les standards européens a également fait émerger l’hypothèse de sa suppression. Les condamnations, réelles ou potentielles, de la juridiction administrative et du procès mené devant elle, ainsi que du Tribunal des conflits et de la procédure suivie devant lui, ont montré que les réformes étaient inévitables et imposé de revenir sur des pratiques séculaires bien établies. Elles ont également contribué à rapprocher la juridiction administrative de la juridiction judiciaire et le procès administratif du procès civil. « Sauvé » au prix de nombreuses transformations, le système n’en est pas moins parvenu à préserver ses caractéristiques essentielles, prouvant sa capacité d’adaptation. Un temps affaibli, le dualisme juridictionnel n’a, en définitive, pas été altéré. Mieux, son fondement technique, justification contemporaine du dualisme juridictionnel, en est sorti renforcé. / The European perspective has shed new light on the question of whether maintaining or ruling out jurisdictional dualism in France through two main approaches: on the one hand, the resilience of substitutable models and, on the other hand, the scrutiny of European standards. Considered as a model, the French system has inspired the majority of states in Europe. This wave of inspiration has nevertheless been short-lived. Indeed, most states in Europe have established a judicial system, which is different from the French model. Bringing the French system towards the one adopted by most states in Europe is juridically feasible but raises several issues in practice. As a result, the French system, albeit minor amongst the European states, is probably prone to live on. Furthermore, bringing the French system towards European standards raised the question of a likely end of it. In fact, the French system came under critics, whether effective or potential, of its administrative courts and legal proceedings, together with critics concerning its so-called “Tribunal des conflits” and the legal proceedings. These critics point to the fact that reforming the French system was inevitable. Such reforms led the French system back on some of its secular anchored practices. Eventually, reforms also contributed to bring closer both the administrative court and the administrative legal proceedings to both civil court and civil legal proceedings. Saved at the cost of numerous reforms, the French system nevertheless managed to preserve its basic structures. This in turn provides evidence that the French system is able to adapt itself to an evolving European environment. Finally, the technical founding principles of jurisdictional dualism have been reinforced.

Propojení tepelného manekýna s termofyziologickým modelem člověka / Coupling of Thermal Manikin with Human Thermophysiological Model

Doležalová, Veronika January 2019 (has links)
thermal manikin, thermophysiological model, thermal comfort, climatic chamber, clothing thermal resistence

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