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Marketing strategic of Supermarkets

Santandreu Ramos, Miguel, Lucena Matamalas, Rafael January 2009 (has links)
<p>strategies that supermarkets are doing in their places to attract attention to consumers</p>

Noise at a supermarket : case-study of a workplace with medium levels of sound exposure

Barceló Villalobos, Marta January 2009 (has links)
<p>The purpose of this case-study is to predict possible adverse health effects from noise among employees at a supermarket. The case-study consisted of measurements of noise levels at ICA-Maxi Högskolan supermarket in Halmstad (Sweden), during two weeks and a literature review. The measurements were analyzed statistically, and the results were linked to the literature review search.</p>

Marketing strategic of Supermarkets

Santandreu Ramos, Miguel, Lucena Matamalas, Rafael January 2009 (has links)
strategies that supermarkets are doing in their places to attract attention to consumers

The analysis of the franchise supermarket in strategic innovation perspective¡XChen-Lian as the example

Chen, Ming-hsin 24 June 2010 (has links)
Chen-Lian welfare center has become the famous and potential star in supermarket competitive environment for ten years and it faces the serious attack of the traditional market¡Bconvenient store and retail department store. Due to the similarity management style¡Ahomogeneous competition is inevitably. It is the main topic of the dissertation how Chen-Lian faces the difficulties. This dissertation uses the SWOT method and strategic innovation analysis method, and analyzes the key success factors that become the first class of the supermarket in Taiwan. From the SWOT method, we understand the inner advantage and disadvantage and outer opportunity and threats. Then we can know the competition situation and advantage. Using the strategic innovation analysis , we can understand the advantage and innovative factor in product¡Bmarket and core resource. To sum up, we will provide the viewpoint ¡Bstrategic advice and conclusion for Chen-Lian.

Investigation into the design and optimisation of multideck refrigerated display cases

Stribling, David January 1997 (has links)
The refrigeration energy load in a modern day supermarket makes up a large proportion of the total energy bill. Better design of refrigerated display cases would reduce this load and also have a corresponding effect on the running costs of the refrigeration plant. Further enhancements such as the reduction of air overspill from the case would also influence the aisle temperatures and therefore the comfort levels in the store. This research project uses the technique of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to investigate the contemporary design of a vertical multideck refrigerated display case. From a two dimensional computational model conclusions were drawn as to the principles of operation of the case. During the course of the project, a custom designed experimental facility was constructed, capable of testing the display case according to the relevant test standards. Using this facility, experimental validation was carried on a number of the design modifications to assess the actual refrigeration load against that predicted by the CFD model. The success of this validation allowed further work into the feasibility of certain design changes by making modifications to the CFD model. The work presented in this thesis makes a contribution to the global effort towards the reduction of the energy consumption by retail refrigeration systems. It does this by showing that possibilities do exist for an improvement in the energy efficiency of multideck refrigerated display cases and that CFD provides a useful tool towards this goal. It also demonstrates the design modifications which proved to yield a saving in energy. These were a reduction in the mass flow rate of air around the case, the inclusion of a honeycomb section on the air curtain outlet of the case the addition of a front upstand and the introduction of a second air curtain thus applying a velocity gradient across the curtain.

The British retail co-operative movement : a study of the British retail co-operative movement and an analysis of the post-merged regional structure and national society issues

Weekes, Richard John January 2001 (has links)
No description available.

Food retailing in Malaysia : a study of supermarket use in peninsular Malaysia

Othman, Khalifah bin January 1987 (has links)
This study examines the extent and patterns of supermarket use in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia and the town of Alor Star, a small town in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. A total of 436 household heads were interviewed for the study. Although the supermarket was first introduced in Malaysia in 1964, the study revealed that the adoption of supermarkets among respondents was still low. Even in the high income residential areas, the percentage of respondents that could be classified as heavy users was less than 50%. However, the percentage of heavy users was found to be significantly higher in high and middle income residential areas than that of low income residential areas. The study also showed that there were different patterns of food shopping behaviour among respondents. Perishable food is commonly bought from wet-markets, staple food is normally purchased from neighbourhood grocery stores while processed food is mainly bought from supermarkets. Log-linear analysis showed that car-ownership has the strongest influence on the extent of supermarket use. Among the three major ethnic groups the Chinese were found to have the strongest tendency to patronize supermarkets. On the other hand the Malays were found to have the lowest tendency to become heavy supermarket users. The results of this study could be seen as useful, first, to supermarket operators in Malaysia in planning their marketing strategies. Consumer profiles associated with heavy supermarket users may be used as a basis for market segmentation. Secondly, it is useful to the government in its modernisation process of retail outlets, particularly in smaller towns, which should proceed slowly and with care. The urgent need of the food retail system today is the improvement and modernisation of the present wet-market system, where fresh food should be sold efficiently in a more hygienic environment.

Changing a Paradigm: The Rebirth of the Supermarket

Dangelo, Jessica 21 September 2018 (has links)
No description available.

Internlogistiken i en monteringsprocess / The internal logistics in an assembly process

Blomstrand, Johanna, Akhter, Moumita, Zdenac, Ines January 2016 (has links)
Denna studie har i syfte att presentera en lösning på ett fallföretags problem inom materialförsörjning för att förbättra information- och materialflödet. Detta problem har angripits genom att studera huruvida en supermarket är en bra lösning. Tre olika simuleringar har utförts för att skapa tre individuella supermarkets. Experimentens utfall har analyserats och diskuterats för att avslutningsvis presentera en slutsats där undersökningsfrågan besvarats.

Leadership and community engagement in supermarket recruitment

Weaver, Andrew R. January 1900 (has links)
Master of Regional and Community Planning / Department of Landscape Architecture/Regional and Community Planning / Huston Gibson / Tens of millions of predominantly low-income, minority Americans live in food deserts – areas with poor access to healthful, affordable food. Food deserts have been associated with higher rates of diet-related diseases such as high blood pressure and obesity. These diseases carry significant morbidity and mortality and account for hundreds of billions of dollars in healthcare spending and lost productivity per year in the U.S. Establishment of a supermarket is the most effective intervention to eliminate a food desert. However, food deserts have historically been neglected by the retail industry. Local governments are rarely involved in supermarket recruitment. Often, food deserts themselves must recruit supermarkets. This study sought to understand how leadership and community engagement in supermarket recruitment influence its efficacy. The objective was to enable food deserts to more effectively recruit supermarkets. A case study of Argentine, a low-income, minority neighborhood in Kansas City, KS that successfully recruited a supermarket in 2013, was conducted. The heart of the case study was a series of interviews with individuals who were heavily involved in the recruitment. This study found the results of community engagement – specifically a community food assessment – were leveraged to attract funding and financing for a supermarket development. In settings where recruitment of a supermarket is contingent upon obtainment of these dollars, community engagement may be critical. Engagement empowers people to play an active role in shaping the future of their communities. It is a vital component of the urban planning process and government in general. Additionally, in the context of a food desert, engagement of residents can help accomplish the lofty goal of recruiting a supermarket and improving the food landscape – and health – of the community.

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