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It's the Little Luxuries! How Centrum Warenhaus Rebranded the GDR

January 2019 (has links)
archives@tulane.edu / This thesis explores the GDR's propangandistic rebranding campaign of Centrum Warenhaus on Alexanderplatz. Such a campaign was exhibited in the remodeling of the Alexanderplatz between 1964 and 1970. The GDR's state department store Centrum Warenhaus on Alexanderplatz offered an alternative to capitalism best described as socialist consumerism. This system emanated state-driven policies like solidarity and brotherhood alongside East Germany's consumerist desires. Yet, this alternative did not last because it offered a figurative window to the west. Ironically, western products were rarely sold at Centrum Warenhaus and were only available for purchase at Intershops. These small-scaled stores created the societal divisions inherent in market capitalism. Access relied upon connection and western currency acquisition. As these two systems tried to exist simultaneously in East Berlin, the allure of the west overpowered each of them. The system of socialist consumerism in East Germany could no longer support itself. Its failure lay not in the creation of a capitalist alternative, but in its inability to provide such material sustenance to all of its citizens. / 1 / Lindsey Marie Harris

Effektivisera maskeringsprocessen inför pulverlackering genom automatisering : En fallstudie hos Alumbra AB / Optimizing the masking process prior to powder coating by using automation : A case study at Alumbra AB

Halvarsson, Jonne, Ring, Wille January 2024 (has links)
Vid tillverkning av plåtdetaljer kräver ytbehandlingsmetoden pulverlackering att detaljen maskeras, något som är tidskrävande. I dagsläget sker detta med hjälp av silikonplugg som monteras för hand, vilket är en enformig arbetsuppgift med avseende på de stora produktionsvolymerna. Syftet med denna studie är att utforska lämpliga maskeringsmetoder för pulverlackering utöver den nuvarande samt möjligheterna till automatisering av maskeringsprocessen. Arbetet ska utgöra grunden för framtida implementationer vilket medför att lösningsförslag ska utvecklas i form av konceptuella CAD-modeller. Forskningsplanen byggde på designprocessen Design Research Methodology i tre steg med delmoment från designverktyget Getting Design Right invävt. Resultatet av studien blev att den nuvarande maskeringsmetoden lämpar sig bäst för automatisering. Det lämpligaste alternativet för automatisering var en robotbaserad lösning. Svaren på studiens frågeställningar användes för att utveckla ett koncept för en automatiserad maskeringsprocess med robotar som kan utgöra grunden för framtida implementationer. Dock är detta en första iteration och kan därför förbättras i många avseenden.

L'intégration sociale des réfugiés et expulsés allemands en Saxe (1945-1953) / The social integration of German refugees in Saxony (1945-1953)

Trojan, Claire 08 March 2013 (has links)
L’intégration en Saxe des minorités allemandes d’Europe centrale et orientale expulsées à la fin de la Seconde Guerre mondiale se déroule sous autorité soviétique, pendant la construction du socialisme est-allemand. Le réfugié devient officiellement un « Umsiedler » et son intégration se construit entre exigences idéologiques et contrainteséconomiques.L’étude des sources aux différents échelons administratifs et politiques rend possible une différenciation des parcours d’intégration notamment selon les catégories sociales (femmes, enfants, personnes âgées, prisonniers de guerre, etc.). La typologie des réfugiés révèle leurs possibilités variées d’intégration : certains groupes apparaissent comme des « laissés-pour-compte » tandis que d’autres profitent des opportunités politiques du nouveau régime. Elle présente également les limites de l’intégration qui se réalise parfois dans un climat de violence et de résistances.Cette étude d’un Land prend place dans une historiographie plus générale de l’intégration des expulsés dans les deux Allemagne. Le contexte de l’après-réunification et la confrontation des mémoires soulèvent aujourd’hui pour les victimes des expulsions des enjeux mémoriels et pour la communauté scientifique des débats / In Saxony, the integration of the German minorities of Central and Eastern Europe expelled at the end of World War 2 took place under Soviet authority during the establishment of East German socialism. The refugees were officially called “Umsiedler” and their integration was constructed between ideological requirements and economic constraints.The analysis of sources on different administrative and political levels facilitates a differentiation of the integration paths, especially of different social categories (women, children, elderly people, war prisoners, etc.). The typology of the refugees shows the variety of integration possibilities: certain groups appear to have been completely neglected while others took advantage of political opportunities in the new system. But the limits of integration are also demonstrated by this typology, since this integration sometimes took place in an environment of violence and resistance.This study of a German Land takes place in a more general historiography of the integration of German expellees in the two Germanies. Today, the post-reunification context and the confrontation of the memories raise memory issues for the victims of expulsion and are a cause for debate in the scientific community

Monika Maron und Jenny Erpenbeck : DDR im Zeichen der Moderne

Hans, Ariane January 2014 (has links)
Literature by authors from the GDR has often been read with a focus on its sociopolitical context ‒ before and after the fall of the Wall. This rather one-dimensional approach has resulted in a lack of engagement with the more complex issues raised in many of those texts. Frequently, they address broader theoretical questions and delve into universal themes, which tend to be overlooked or sidelined. This PhD thesis concentrates on a selection of post-Wende texts by Monika Maron and Jenny Erpenbeck, two authors from the former East Germany. Starting from the premise that both authors' oeuvres serve on one level as critical investigations of the GDR and the significant aftermath of its collapse, I aim to demonstrate that these narratives have more to offer. My analysis brings to light the complexity of the examined works by addressing what it regards as their central themes: the exploration of questions around the topics of Heimat and memory. This research project draws attention to the texts' representation of underlying issues such as dislocation and fragmentation, and in doing so it examines how both authors depict concerns that go beyond the GDR and its demise. A key task is the analysis of the ways in which Monika Maron and Jenny Erpenbeck portray the symptoms of a wider ‘modern conditionʼ, a state characterized by instability and uncertainty. Based on the concept of ambivalence, introduced to the debates about modernity by Zygmunt Bauman in the early 1990s, this original comparative approach explores the failure and the ultimate collapse of the socialist utopia as a paradigm for the breakdown of the ‘grand narrativesʼ in modern, Western pluralist societies. Thus, this PhD thesis illuminates how both authors position themselves in relation to competing discourses about the GDR, and it simultaneously alerts the reader to the texts' inherent complexity by revealing their strong ties to topical issues regarding the much-debated term of modernity. Ultimately, I claim that Maron and Erpenbeck set out to investigate the impact of larger processes of fragmentation, and try to establish the possible role of and a ‘placeʼ for the individual that is exposed to historical forces and the rapid changes of spatio-temporal parameters within modernity, of which the GDR experience forms one part.

Obraz NDR v německé próze po roce 1989 / The picture of the GDR in German prose after 1989

Běličová, Alžběta January 2012 (has links)
The work deals with pictures of GDR in German prose written after 1989 by authors coming from GDR and born after 1960. Literary pictures of GDR could be perceived as reflections of memories of individuals or as fictional images of this country. These pictures can't be compared with analyses researched by historians. The main aim is to show how these pictures create the collective memory of this state and how can the collective memory influences picture of GDR, that plays dominant role in today's German society. The case study compares nine literary texts and shows different aspects of reality of life in GDR. Humour and nostalgia were used as an important part of this picture. The comparison includes parallels and differences, in picturing this country, used by two last generations of authors in GDR.

上市公司發行海外存託憑證意願與價格之研究 / The issue Volition and Price of Global Depositary Receipt

連榮華, Rong-Hwa Lian Unknown Date (has links)
經由本研究的實證結果顯示,獲得以下七大結論: 1.有意願發行海外存 託憑證之公司佔30.8% ;有意願發行海外可轉換公司債之公司佔46.2% 。 2.發行動機主要可分成五大類:ぇ增加資金籌募彈性(56.2%)。 え提 昇國際知名度(43.7%) 。ぉ國內市場胃納量有限(37.5%) 。お發行價格較 高 (31.3%) 。か資金成本低(31.3%) 。 3.有意願採用海外存託憑證及無 意願採用海外存託憑證的兩群上市公司,在產資總額、海外投資額等構面 上有顯著的差異,顯示公司規模及海外投資額較大者,有較高的發行意願 ;在產業別上則無顯著差異,原因為很多公司紛紛進行多角化,使各產業 間的差別並不那麼明顯,並且國際貿易為多項產業的重心,均對外資有相 當的需求,加上樣本數不足等原因,使發行意願在各產業間並不明顯。 4.選擇海外存託憑證與海外可轉換公司債的兩種公司,在負債比率、獲利 能力、成長率、發行額上皆無顯著差異。再根據深度訪談發現,決策者與 主要股東的心態、現行法令、資金用途的性質、國際資金市場之榮枯、其 他籌資工具特性等多項變數,皆綜合影響企業海外籌資決策。 5.在最合 宜的兌回設計上,有75% 的公司認為以退回現金最好,另有56.2 % 的公 司認為兌回部份不用再發行,總合而言,有43.7% 的公司認為現行的做法 很好。 6.發行海外存託憑證能取得較高發行價格的原因,主要有三:ぇ 國內外承銷制度的不同,使能獲得較高的發行價格。え提供國際投資者交 易的便利性。ぉ看好台灣股市發展。 7.訂價時主要的考慮因素,有75% 的公司認為現行股價最重要。

Komparace ekonomických reforem v Československu a NDR v šedesátých letech 20. století / Comparison of economic reforms in Czechoslovakia and GDR in the sixties of the 20th century

Vochozka, Jan January 2015 (has links)
This thesis dealt with economic reforms in Czechoslovakia and the German Democratic Republic in the 60s of the 20th century and their impact on economic, political and social development of society. The first part is focused on Czechoslovakia and assumptions and principles of reforms, finished with the so-called Šiks reform, which was canceled in 1968. In the second part of the thesis are the reform efforts in the GDR compared directly with the reforms in Czechoslovakia and their overall impact on future development of the two socialist states. Finally, the work evaluates contribution of the reforms and possibility of their implementation in practice.

"The last Bridge" - The United German Olympic Teams in the East And West German Press 1956-1964

Pust-Petters, Anna Celine January 2015 (has links)
The purpose of the thesis is to explore how the negotiations about the United German Olympic Teams (1956-1964) were represented in the West and East German press, specifically in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FRG) and Neues Deutschland (GDR). The United German Olympic Teams were the last bridge connecting the two Germanys, continuing to exist even after the construction of the Berlin wall. The thesis is based on the assumption that sport played an important role in the construction of post- war German identities. Moreover, it will be argued that the two German states relied heavily on ideological demarcation from the respective "other" for legitimization. Thus, the thesis will argue that the discourses about the constitution of the team reflect on questions of identity, unity, and division. In order achieve this, Fairclough's method of Critical Discourse Analysis will be used to examine ideological and symbolic content in the discourses on the negotiations between the two National Olympic Committees. Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)

Divadlo 60. let v NDR a v Československu / Theatre in the GDR and Czechoslovakia in the 1960s

Povolná, Anna January 2020 (has links)
The purpose of this thesis is an analysis of theatre and its scene in German Democratic Republic and Czechoslovakia in 1960's and its comparation. Best known theatres of the time will be investigated as well as the theatre movements. Particular findings will be exemplified by these two texts: Zahradní slavnost (Václav Havel) and Die Umsiedlerin (Heiner Müller). The main purpose of this thesis is to analyse the political impact on the theatre scene and dramas which arose at this period of ten years.

The Post-Reunification Aufarbeitung of the SED-Dictatorship

Doerre, Jason J. 25 July 2008 (has links)
No description available.

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