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Discrimination in the market for short term rentals: evidence from Airbnb

Fairley, Katherine M. 24 August 2021 (has links)
Discrimination against people of colour in the hospitality, labour, and housing markets has been causing harm throughout the history of the United States. Examining the discrepancy in outcomes for marginalized Airbnb hosts allows me to assess whether even those considered economically successful are harmed by racial and gender bias. Using an Ordinary Least Squares and a Propensity Score Matching approach, I find Airbnb hosts who are of Asian or Hispanic origin face both price and quantity penalties, having nightly prices on average 4% lower and receiving 3 percentage points fewer booked nights in a month than listings managed by white hosts. Black Airbnb hosts face higher nightly prices and a lower quantity of bookings; however, without holding neighbourhood constant, they charge approximately 12% less per night, indicating that Black hosts disproportionately own properties in low-price neighbourhoods. I also observe an intersectionaldiscrimination penalty wherein women of colour face even higher price and quantity penalties. / Graduate

Vliv Airbnb na trh nemovitostí v Praze / The Effect of Airbnb on Prague Housing Market

Ondruška, Daniel January 2021 (has links)
The Effect of Airbnb on Prague Housing Market Daniel Ondruška This thesis studies multiple topics but its main purpose is research of the effect of home-sharing platform Airbnb on house prices and rents in Prague. Sharing economy in general is still a new sector and it is very hard to uncover and correctly analyze it and therefore there are not yet that many studies on this topic. Using very contained and detailed datasets of Airbnb listings, house transactions and renting, we prove that there is a relationship between Airbnb activity and house prices. The results suggest that the increase of Airbnb listings by 1\% leads to a 0.01\% in house price. We also look at COVID-19 and its impact on house prices and rents. This part will be very theoretical since the pandemic is still an actual topic and its real effect might not be fully visible yet.

Essays on Meanings in the Sharing Economy:

Lee, Taehyun January 2021 (has links)
Thesis advisor: Candace Jones / Thesis advisor: Richard P. Nielsen / The sharing economy has played an important role in transforming today's business landscape. The dissertation consists of two essays that examine different aspects of meanings illuminated by the sharing economy. In each essay, I draw on several theoretical lenses, including institutional logics, legitimacy, and categories, to build theories of how entrepreneurial firms strategically appropriate meanings as resources to shape the attention and the interpretation of their activities and how such cultural meanings emerge and transform. The first essay illustrates the case of Airbnb to examine how an entrepreneurial firm uses institutional logics for legitimacy in navigating multiple audiences with potentially contradictory criteria for legitimacy at different stages of development. The second essay looks at the sharing economy as a category to examine what is used as the central examples of a category by the category promoters (i.e., movement) versus the press, the differences in how the central examples are understood that lead to changes and differences in the category’s meanings, and ultimately affect the survival or decline of a category. I conclude with implications for theories around changes in meanings, the strategic uses of meanings, and their political and moral nature. / Thesis (PhD) — Boston College, 2021. / Submitted to: Boston College. Carroll School of Management. / Discipline: Management and Organization.

Rättslig reglering av peer-to-peer-marknader : Särskilt om tillfällig uthyrning genom Airbnb

Kilander, Linus January 2016 (has links)
No description available.

Welcome, make yourself at home! : Airbnb, hemmet och den hybrida sfären

Hellblom, Niklas January 2016 (has links)
Det finns inom forskningen en traditionell uppfattning om hemmet som en plats för vila, fritid och reproduktion, avskild från ekonomisk aktivitet. Denna uppsats ifrågasätter den traditionella distinktionen, med hänsyn till delningsekonomin och det växande fenomenet av övernattningstjänster riktade mot bostäder, i detta fall representerat av Airbnb. Studien undersöker förutsättningar och drivkrafter till att hyra ut det som tidigare setts som kärnan i den privata sfären; hemmet. Detta genom att undersöka Airbnb-värdars förhållande till hemmet och det privata. Resultatet visar att hemmet har fått ytterligare en funktion och att gränsen mellan det offentliga och det privata är under omvärdering.

Från ett hem till ett annat : En studie om att välja peer-to-peerboende

Mattsson, Lisa, Tholén, Malin January 2017 (has links)
Syfte och forskningsfråga Syftet med studien är att identifiera vad som påverkar turister att välja P2P som logival under semestern. Studien görs inom ramen för Airbnb och innefattar att urskilja vilka motiv som ligger till grund för beslutet att bo med Airbnb. - Vilka motiv ligger till grund för turisters beslut att välja Airbnb-boende? Metod Uppsatsen är av induktiv karaktär och är utformad genom en tvåstegsundersökning av logival. Vi har genomfört 14 stycken personliga semistrukturerade intervjuer följt av en enkätundersökning på en representation av 169 stycken tidigare Airbnb-gäster. Slutsatser Genom studien har fem stycken huvudmotiv till att resenärer väljer Airbnb identifierats, pris, läge, personligt, lokala platsens kultur och bekvämligheter. Ur studiens resultat har det framkommit att alla dessa motiv samspelar men att pris är det mest centrala huvudmotivet. Det har även gått att utläsa att digitaliseringen har haft en påverkan på vem som och hur man väljer Airbnb som semesterboende.

Vybrané aspekty sdílené ekonomiky s důrazem na Airbnb a Uber (2. část SZZk z oboru FP) / Selected Aspects of Sharing Economy with emphasis on Airbnb and Uber

Ježková, Jaroslava January 2018 (has links)
This thesis deals with a subject of collaboration economy and it aims at two of its representatives in particular, Airbnb and Uber. My focus targets at current status in terms of established or missing regulation and mapping of up to date trends for regulation to be developed or to be improved in contrast to what has already set. Simultaneously, there is described its functional system and familiarization with them for a potential user. At least but not last, one of the goals is to clarify why new representatives as Uber or Airbnb might be spotted controversial. It is observed that current legal status of collaborative economy does not reflect its ability to share a global market and its potential regulation from government point of view has become likely. However, politician opinions on how this regulation should look like vary. Nevertheless what may be found identical in those opinions is that there is no will collaborative economy to be repressed however, rules and limits should be clearly stated. Expansion of digital technologies and its relation to collaborative economy growth was hardly predictable. For traditional services, for instance, taxi drivers, rules and limits are very restrictive regardless modern social and technological situation does not require such a strict limits since modern...

Podnikatelský plán / Business Plan

Straková, Barbora January 2016 (has links)
This masters thesis is focused on the theoretical description of the business plan creation and is devided into chapters where the plan is described in details. The theoretical part contains an explanation of legal issues of the real estate renting. The practical part is focused on practical application and is designed as an instruction how to do the business in this area. The target of this thesis is the business plan creation. Financial analysis will reveal if the plan is to be realized and if it is payable. Analysis of the market, included in the plan, is focused on customer behaviour and competitors analysis. Analyses of internal and external environment are focused on the factors which affect the market position of the business.


Ziegler, Darion A. 28 September 2018 (has links)
No description available.

Hotellifiering : Kortfristig andrahandsuthyrning av bostadslägenheter / Hotellification : Short-term subletting of residential apartments

Heco, Adil, Bengtsson, Felix January 2022 (has links)
Hotellifiering har blivit ett allt mer omtalat ämne i senare tid i media och litteratur. De senare åren kan man se hur uthyrningsplattformar som Airbnb har möjliggjort för hyresvärdar att kortfristigt hyra ut bostadslägenheter genom andrahandsavtal. Arbetet syftar till att besvara hur lagstiftningen i jordabalken och plan- och bygglagen ställer sig till hotellifiering och den inverkan som hotellifieringen haft i Visby. Med hjälp av intervjuer, litteratur, lagtext och praxis har man försökt undersöka hotellifiering och hur det förhåller sig till nuvarande lagstiftning och hur det påverkar dess omgivning. Arbetet syftar till att besvara hur lagstiftningen i jordabalken och plan- och bygglagen reglerar hotellifieringen.  Erfarenheten av hotellifiering är enat bland de respondenter som intervjuats. De har konstaterat att hotellifieringen i Visby har haft en inverkan i det detaljplanerättsliga och hyresrättsliga samt de sociala aspekterna av Visby. Hotellifiering är något som växt i snabb takt de senaste åren vilket har synts i vissa städer bland annat Visby. Något som har möjliggjort hotellifiering är blockuthyrningsavtal, dock kan man se i rättsfall från 2021 att hyresnämnden blivit mer restriktiv med att ge dispens från de tvingande bestämmelserna i hyreslagen vid utförande av blockuthyrningsavtal.  Problem som har uppstått i samband med denna typ av kortfristiga andrahandsuthyrning är att man sett att dessa bostäder ibland använts till illegal verksamhet. Dessa verksamheter kan innebära handel med droger och prostitution vilket resulterar i otrygghet för grannar. Även den sociala strukturen i staden ändrats, där människor fått flytta från Visbys innerstad under perioder som en konsekvens av den hotellifiering som pågår.  För att förebygga vissa av de negativa effekterna som hotellifiering kan bidra till bör man ha bättre tillsyn av denna typ av verksamhet. Även lagstiftningen i både Plan- och bygglagen samt Jordabalken hade behövt motverka denna typ av grå hyresmarknad. Där en tydligare lagstiftning kan anses behöva implementeras, samt en tydligare praxis i hur denna typ av verksamhet borde hanteras på både riksnivå och kommunal nivå. / Hotelification has become an increasingly talked about topic in recent times in the media andliterature. In recent years, it can be seen how rental platforms such as Airbnb have made itpossible for landlords to rent out residential apartments in the short term through subleases. Thework aims to answer how the rental legislation and the legislation regarding planning andbuilding relate to hotelification and the impact that hotelification has had in Visby. With thehelp of interviews, literature, legal text and practice, attempts have made to investigatehotelification and how it relates to current legislation and its surroundings. The experience of hotelification is unified among the respondents interviewed. They have statedthat hotelification in Visby has had and impact on the detailed planning law and tenancy law aswell as the social aspects of Visby. Hotelification is something that has grown at a rapid pacein recent years, which has been seen in some cities including Visby. Something that has madehotelification possible is block rental agreements, however it can be seen in court cases from2021 that the issuance of block rental agreements will be used more restrictively. Problems thathave arisen in connection with this type of short-term subletting is that it has been proved thatthese homes are sometimes used for illegal activities. These activities can be drug trafficking,prostitution and an overall timidity for neighbors. The social structure in the city has alsochanged, there are cases where students are forced to leave their apartments during certainmonths of the year. In order to prevent some of the negative effects that hotelification cancontribute to, one could ask for better supervision of this type of activity. The legislation in boththe Planning and Building act and rental legislation need to be adapted to the gray rental marketthat hotelification poses. Where clearer legislation should be implemented, as well as a clearerpractice in how this type of activity should be handled at both national and municipal level.

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