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UAB „Alytaus agrotechnika“ kompiuterizavimas ir jo tyrimas / Computerization of UAB “Alytaus agrotechnika” and Its Research

Čepulis, Linas 09 September 2004 (has links)
The realization of this project was accomplished by means of Microsoft Access 2000. There was created database, graphical user interface, and integrated Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications was used to perform programming tasks. Abilities of this software are fully sufficient for these tasks. Selected design techniques and tools had proved themselves in solving software for small enterprises development problems. Software testing has proved that developed information system satisfies requirement specification.

Kelių tinklo geografinė informacinė sistema / Roads Network Geographical Information System

Lipnevičiūtė, Kristina 10 September 2004 (has links)
Information about roads system is one of application branches of geographical information system. In my work I have explored some programmes that are created in Lithuania and have the similar purpose. During this analysis there was cleared up that we don‘t obtain the desirable result with these systems. There were discussed GIS creation instruments and given reasons to choice AutoDesk programmes package. During this work there was created a project that functions meet the users’ requirements. There are pictured roads system and formed menu for laying out road constructions, generation of reports, withdrawal of co-ordinations to textual file. The external data base that can do analysis of roads and their constructions is connected to roads system. The experimental research of system shows that it works and could be used practically. For graphic data accuracy (error till 1.5 meter) we copy the information from a map and put it to GPS (global positioning system) equipment – in that way inventory and then analysis of roads and roads constructions are done. This project isn‘t completed. There is lack of information about attribute base of roads and roads constructions, so there is a need to improve attribution part. System functions could be developed by integrating it to „LAKIS“ (Lithuanian automobile roads information system) programme that was used in the work. That way would be a very important step forward but this part belongs to a lot of people wishes to collaborate... [to full text]

Intrastato modulio pritaikymas Lietuvos rinkai praplėtus funkcionalumą MFG/Pro pakete / Intrastat module adaptation for Lithuania's market extending functionality of MFG/Pro

Lankelis, Vilius 11 January 2005 (has links)
At this time lot of organization in Lithuania have local programmers made systems, which usually use small firms. Now it is time than coming world leader of Enterprise Resource Planning systems into Lithuania market and offers various discounts. So in work is compared different ERP systems functionalities and feature. Then was choose MFG/Pro system for deeper analyze and work. It is made comparison of different Mfg/Pro versions (9.0, eB2 and eB2.1). Now Lithuanian companies needs to submit Intra-EU trade reports, because European Union (EU) regulations require member nations to do this. The term Intrastat (for Intra-EU Trade Statistics Reporting) refers to the system used by customs officials to monitor this trade. MFG/PRO supports just part Intrastat reporting requirements. So was offered how to set up this module and what changes need to make for correct use in Lithuania. Was founded and described few bugs in standard MFG/Pro module. To create diagrams in projection stage was used “Rational Rose 2000 Enterprise Edition”.

Planetinio kūno modeliavimo algoritmų tyrimas / Analysis of planetary body creation alghorithms

Mikalauskas, Vytautas 10 September 2004 (has links)
The bursted developing of 3D computer graphics on PC makes possible using it for increasing visual quality of teaching materials which are used in physic and informatic courses of secondary school. This master of science work is provided to research 3D graphic potential capabilities for interactive planetary bodies modeling. There is provided observation and analysis material about such existing modeling systems. The work contains software project for planetary body modeling system which will be used for teaching purposes. Data for system can be prepared by system’s user using Extended Markup Language (XML) standard X3D. The system makes generation and visualization of described planenetary body allowing interaction with user and providing graphic subsystem work parameters for analysis. Building of such system project requires using algorithhms which allows paralel work of PC’s central processing unit and 3D acceleration chip. They are the key for succesive system realization according users requirements. The system’s algorithms are designed in object oriented manner for making it more extensible and adjustable for needs of school’s teaching personal. It is possible to extend system functionality in the future providing demonstration of space physic laws.

XML taikymo metodika kuriant duomenų apdorojimo sistemas internete / XML Based Method for Data Processing System Development on the Web

Žederštreimaitė, Ilma 24 September 2004 (has links)
XML promotes separation of presentation and data, reusability, extensibility, and division of labor. In addition, it has a simplified data model, allows one transaction in one place, and helps to simplify testing. XML is also becoming increasingly popular for allowing integration with legacy systems, a trend which promises to continue in the future. In this work a method for development of web site for processing data stored in relational database system is proposed. Method is based on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 new features that support XML functionality. The combination of these features makes SQL Server 2000 an XML-enabled database server. The design of data processing system on the Web was based on mapping between UML, relational and XML schemas. For implementation of the system SQL Server Annotated Schemas, XPath queries, Transact-SQL FOR XML, Updategrams and XSL technologies were used. The experimental Information System for Forest Re-Creation was developed.

Elektroninio verslo procesų modeliavimo ir tinklo paslaugų kūrimo metodika / Methodology of Modelling and Developing E-Business Process Based on Composition of Web Services

Oželis, Aidas 24 September 2004 (has links)
Today Web services can communicate with each other, advertise themselves, and be discovered and invoked using industry-wide specifications. However, linking these services together into a business process or a composition gave the user a number of conflicting specifications to choose from – as was the case with WSFL from IBM and XLANG from Microsoft. The Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS) represents the merging of WSFL and XLANG, and with luck, will become the basis of a standard for Web service composition. BPEL4WS combines the best of both WSFL (support for graph oriented processes) and XLANG (structural constructs for processes) into one cohesive package that supports the implementation of any kind of business process in a very natural manner. In addition to being an implementation language, BPEL4WS can be used to describe the interfaces of business processes as well – using the notion of abstract processes.

Informacinių sistemų tezauro modelis ir jo įgyvendinimas internete / Model of information systems thesaurus and it's realisation in the internet

Dambrauskas, Donatas 31 May 2004 (has links)
Nowadays possibilities of creation of web applications dedicated for information presentation a rapidly increasing, and more universities and other education organizations prefer to publish the information they gathered in specialized information portals. This solution allows effective use of all methodical and practical material, collected in organization. More universities in all over the world made their decision on specialized portals of knowledge, internet thesaurus. These web applications allows present information in different views and connect related data. Using this solution gives possibility to search for useful information from all over the world, 24 hours a day, so this gives chance to improve possibilities of distant learning. In this work web thesaurus is presented as an example, how specialized web application can help tu publish methodical and practical information and gathering terms of theory and their descriptions. Also presented analysis of existing methods for creating specialized web applications and description of method, created for modeling web applications analogical to web thesaurus. There are special solutions described for creating of multilingual web applications, effective system resource using, creating useful search system and context menu or content management mechanism.

Pastatų planų formavimo sistemos sudarymas ir tyrimas / Analysis and Implementation of Building Plan Creation System

Labanauskas, Gintautas 10 September 2004 (has links)
Currently many CAD – Computer Aided Development systems are widely used in the world. Three dimensional modeling systems, like AutoCAD, 3DS Max and similar are well known. Unfortunately these systems are quite complicated and expensive. It takes a lot of time and money to train company workers to use these systems. Small companies are not capable to do it. So naturally there comes demand on more simple and cheaper systems. The main objective of this project is to create low complicated small-medium size CAD system, more concrete – building plan creation system, which include main features of large CAD systems and also avoids it’s defects. In this article we will show what problems occurs when working with general purpose applications, what special needs have building plans’ designers. All conclusions will be taken into account when implementing our CAD system. Few helper methods, which automatize design, will be analyzed.

Kelių transporto priemonių informacinės sistemos "KETRIS" išplėtimai / The Extensions of the Vehicles Information System "Ketris"

Trainys, Vilius 10 September 2004 (has links)
These thesis analyses the extensions of the "Ketris" system used by the State institution of the "Regitra" which allow automating the actions of checking the declarable income and writing certificates.

Tempiamų daugiasluoksnių konstrukcinių elementų projektavimo proceso modeliavimas / The Modelling of Design Process of the Stretched Multilayer Structural Elements

Laurikietytė, Rita 10 September 2004 (has links)
This thesis presents the software program for multilayer structural elements design. The main users of the software should be bachelor and master students of mechanical technology department and their professors as well. The program can be successfully applied for computations of mechanical characteristics of the real (industrial) problems. This program is able to choose the multilayer structural elements type and its mechanical and geometrical parameters. While the program is running the user can watch the calculated values of the parameters, plots of the main dependencies and explanations of main operations being performed with the program variables. The algorithm of the program assumes that the model multilayer structural elements is idealized, i.e. uniaxial stretching, which is simple and quite adequate. The program is developed for training purposes, so the algorithm used is idealized and not sophisticated but preserving the main features of multilayer structural elements calculation. There is given a comparison of the program with the similar one calculating two materials composite developed by foreign researchers. The program calculates three most often used multilayer structural elements structures (there is no limit of the amount of layers). The presented original program is written in Microsoft programming language Visual Basic 6 and can be used on computers running Windows 9x/Me/Xp.

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