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Police and black people's interactive relationship

Ogunsakin, Francis Oludare January 1997 (has links)
No description available.

The mediating and moderating role of student-professor interaction on the relationship between cultural mistrust and academic self-concept among African American college students

Cody, Brettjet Lyn 25 September 2014 (has links)
Research indicates that cultural mistrust can have negative impact on academic attitudes and outcomes for Black American students. However, few studies have specifically investigated the role that cultural mistrust has on student's academic self-concept, or perceptions of their academic abilities. Further, no study has explored to what degree student's perceptions of interpersonal relationships with faculty can impact the link between cultural mistrust and academic outcomes. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the impact of cultural mistrust in education and training and interpersonal relationships on academic self-concept in a population of undergraduate Black American students enrolled at a predominately white university. Secondarily, the study sought to examine whether aspects of student-professor interaction, specifically faculty approachability, caring attitude, and connection, mediate or moderate the effect of cultural mistrust on academic self-concept. Results of this study show that faculty approachability and caring attitude mediate the effect of the interpersonal relationships sub domain on academic self-concept. Student-professor interaction did not moderate the relationship between cultural mistrust and academic self-concept. Results support the need to facilitate and encourage positive student-faculty interactions with Black American university students. Perhaps mentoring initiatives could aim to foster positive interactions with students and promote the recruitment and retention efforts of African American faculty members. / text

An exploration of racial identity, perceived racism, and religious orientation as predictors of cultural mistrust in African Americans

Holman, Andrea Chantal 25 July 2011 (has links)
Centuries of overt and covert segregation, oppression and discrimination against persons of African ancestry in America by their white counterparts have conditioned this marginalized group to be mistrustful of their relations with white Americans. This response, known as cultural mistrust, significantly contributes to negative help-seeking attitudes and underutilization of mental health services because the majority of practitioners are white (Grier and Cobbs, 1968; Whaley, 2001). This report will use multiple regression statistical analysis to explore racial identity, perceived racism, and religious orientation as predictors of cultural mistrust to propose ways practitioners can increase African-American utilization of mental health services. Gender differences in cultural mistrust will also be explored. / text

Understanding the Dynamics of Misperceptions in Southeast Asia

Lin, Tsu-Yuan 01 January 2015 (has links)
This thesis seeks to understand the current dynamics of misperceptions in Southeast Asia. The paper would focus on three actors in the region: China, the U.S., and a representative state of ASEAN, Vietnam. The actors would be examined in the context of the South China Sea disputes. The essential goal of U.S. policymakers it to achieve peace and stability in the region by building a liberal order, but the existence of misperceptions makes it highly challenging. The misperceptions stem from the fact that each actor has to predict what paradigm what other actors’ actions are based on in the region. In order to reduce misperception, there must be a high level of trust derived from consistent rhetoric accompanied with actions. The paper finds that the problem lies in the fact that to achieve a coherent foreign policy that other actors can interpret consistently, there must be a convergence of domestic politics and other states’ actions that allows each actor to have a positive and constructive interpretation of its options. The paper examines how domestic politics can often hinder a coherent foreign policy that eliminates confusion for other actors. Furthermore, in the case study between the three actors, China, the U.S., and Vietnam, will demonstrate how actors’ behaviors and actions can be changing due to other actors and domestic politics. Therefore, the paper suggests several policies that the U.S. needs to take in order to reduce the tension between domestic politics and other states’ actions.

Beliefs about self and the world as predictors of treatment outcome in post-traumatic stress disorder

Livanou, Maria January 1999 (has links)
No description available.

Att leva med endometrios : en litteraturstudie / To live with endometriosis : a literature study

Löf, Emma, Olsson, Madeleine January 2019 (has links)
Background: Endometriosis is an estrogen-dependent disease which means that the uterine mucosa grows outside the uterine cavity. The disease causes women' pain and affects the quality of life and it takes an average of five to seven years to get the diagnosis established. Aim: The aim of this study was to illustrate women's exeperiences of living with endometriosis. Method: This is a literature study where method to contribute to evidence-based nursing based on analysis of qualitative research was used. Results: Findings in the study showed that women with endometriosis experienced limitations in their daily life. Pain was the most described symptom and women experienced lack of knowledge of themselves and by their surroundings. They risked being misstrusted because of normalization of the symptoms. The women developed strategies to take back control over their lives which helped them to master the disease. Conclusion: In order to provide advice and support, the nurse needs increased knowledge about endometriosis and how it affects the women's lives. It would also reduce the time of delayed diagnosis. / Kvinnor som lever med endometrios kan komma att behöva strukturera om sina liv då deras vardag begränsas. Somliga kvinnorna får inte gehör av den sociala omkretsen och hälso- och sjukvården för de symtom de upplever. För att återfå kontroll över livet utvecklar kvinnorna strategier i hopp om att bemästra sjukdomen. Denna litteraturstudie belyser kvinnors upplevelser av att leva med endometrios. Var tionde kvinna i fertil ålder drabbas av endometrios och sjukdomen är förknippad med sänkt livskvalitet där både kroppslig och psykisk belastning förekommer. I resultatet framkommer att det råder kunskapsluckor om endometrios hos både kvinnan och hälso- och sjukvården. Kvinnorna riskerar att inte bli trodda på då sjukdomen för andra inte är visuellt synlig. De symtomen kvinnan upplever och uttrycker sig om normaliseras i somliga fall av henne själv och hennes omgivning, då symtomen främst syftar till smärta i samband med menstruation. Kunskapsluckor i relation med normalisering av symtomen kan vara en orsak till försening av diagnos och kvinnan utsätts för ett långt vårdförlopp och försämrad livskvalitet. Förmågan att arbeta påverkas och kvinnan kan komma att vara i behov av vila och återhämtning. Ökad frånvaro leder till att kvinnan oroas över att förlora arbetet, då arbetsgivare och kollegor inte alltid tror på de symtom de beskriver. Även samlivet påverkas. På grund av försämrad sexuell funktion och smärtupplevelser vid samlag undviker kvinnor relationer. Kvinnorna oroas över sin fertilitet och risken för infertilitet i framtiden och de kan komma att bli lämnade av sin partner på grund av diagnosen endometrios eller infertilitet. Endometrios kan få kvinnan att känna sig mindre kvinnlig.  Med hjälp av utvecklade strategier återfås kontroll över vardagen. Strategierna ses som styrkande och kvinnan blir mer lyhörd på sin kropp med ökar sitt ansvar för den egna hälsan. Att bemästra sjukdomen hjälper kvinnorna att se på sina kroppar utifrån positiva vinklar och upplevelserna kunde de dela med sig av till andra.

Racial mistrust, perceptions of discrimination, and academic achievement among African American children

Wright, Yamanda Fay 09 March 2015 (has links)
New evidence suggests that African American children’s mistrust of European American teachers plays a role in sustaining racial achievement gaps. However, racial mistrust may also play a protective role for stigmatized children by facilitating perceptions of discrimination in the event that they encounter racially biased feedback. The present study investigated the relations among African American children’s racial mistrust, perceptions of discrimination, and academic achievement. Participants included 67 elementary school-age children (ages 6-11 years) who completed two lab sessions assessing their mistrust of European American teachers, attributions to discrimination during a mock drawing contest designed to appear racially biased, and semester grades. I predicted that racial mistrust (1) is present among many African American children at the beginning of formal education, (2) predicts perceptions of discrimination, and (3) shows a quadratic relationship to African American children’s academic achievement, such that extreme (very high and very low) levels are associated with negative academic outcomes, whereas moderate levels are associated with positive academic outcomes. Contrary to expectations, results showed that African American children expect European American teachers to be biased in favor of African Americans. Specifically, African American children expect European American teachers to show more warmth than punitiveness across their interactions with African American and European American students, but they expect the warm-punitive differential to be even more pronounced with African American students. In addition, young African American children appear highly unlikely to attribute negative feedback from European American teachers to racial discrimination, even when such a bias appears likely. Finally, neither the expectation of racial bias nor perceptions of racial discrimination predicted African American children’s academic outcomes in this study. The implications and limitations of these findings are discussed in the concluding chapter. / text

Effect of cultural mistrust on academic achievement and the moderating roles of school connectedness and educational value among African American middle school students

Cody, Brettjet Lyn 25 July 2011 (has links)
The purpose of the present study is to investigate whether feelings of school connectedness or educational value moderate the effect of cultural mistrust on academic achievement. It is hypothesized that the positive influence of school connectedness and educational value will protect against the potential negative impact of cultural mistrust on academic success. Multiple regression analysis will be used to analyze a model predicting academic achievement among African American middle school students based on their level of cultural mistrust, school connectedness, and educational value. Implications for educational programming and practice include early detection of students higher in cultural mistrust to prevent later academic disparities, recruitment of African American role models that allow for students to view that there are positive realistic outcomes, and finally foster positive interactions with school personal. / text

Paauglio savęs vertinimo ugdymas / Upbringing of teenager's self - estimation

Doftartienė, Asta 03 August 2009 (has links)
Pasitikėjimas savimi - požiūris, kuris leidžia asmenims turėti teigiamą realistinę nuomonę apie save ir savo padėtį. Paauglių pasitikėjimas savo sugebėjimais, bendrąja prasme, turi kontroliuoti savo gyvenimą. Mokykla yra vieta, kur paaugliai turi plėtoti savo identitetą, vertybes ir savigarbą. Psichologai ir pedagogai teigia, kad savo verte ir pasitikėjimu savimi, priklauso nuo jų sugebėjimų ir individualių savybių. / Self - confidence is an attitude which allows individuals to have positive yet realistic views of themselves and their situations. Self - confident teenagers trust their own abilities, have a general sense of control in their lives. School is the place where teenagers develop their own identities, values and self - esteem. Psychologists and pedagogues notice that self - value and self-confidence depend on their abilities and individual features.


Caldwell, Taisha L. 01 December 2010 (has links)
The aim of the current study was to explore the effects of non-cognitive variables in predicting GPA, institutional commitment, and retention in a sample of African American college students. Specifically, the researcher examined the validity in measuring and utilizing culture specific factors in identifying and intervening with first-year college students. Participants were given measures of positive self-concept, cultural mistrust, cultural congruity, managing discrimination, seeking help, educational value, and financial preparation in addition to a standard measure of non-cognitive predictors. Additionally, participants received one of three interventions (waitlist-control, academic advising, and culturally infused academic advising) with the intent to improve non-cognitive functioning. Analyses of the results suggest that cultural components significantly impact student performance and institutional commitment. No evidence was found to support a change in retention. Implications of these finding and limitations to this study are discussed.

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