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Variations in diagnostic and prognostic framing in the EZLN movement

Pinnick, Aaron Corbett 15 May 2009 (has links)
The Zapatista movement of southern Mexico has received little analytical attention focused on the myriad of writings issued by the movement. To help fill this gap, this study uses David Snow and Robert Benford’s concept of framing as a theoretical basis, and performs a systematic and discursive analysis of the communiqués issued by the Zapatista movement in order to understand how the movement framed itself over its thirteen-year existence. Communiqués were coded by noting evocations of the diagnostic frames of corrupt government, violent government, and neoliberal government and in terms of prognostic framing, general democracy, small-scale democracy, and revolutionary frames. This research concludes that the prognostic frame of general democracy was very high in the initial years of the movement, and shifted towards the small-scale democracy frame after the election of Vicente Fox in 2000. The diagnostic frames dealt with in this research showed a slight downward trend as Mexico democratized, but there is significant inter-year variation in the prevalence diagnostic frames that seems to be related to specific acts of government repression, or other government actions. This research also concludes that a portion of the EZLN’s success and long existence can be attributed to the movement’s ability to modify its diagnostic and prognostic frames to match the changing political and societal context that the movement existed in.

Parametric analysis of economical bay dimensions for steel floor framing

Wolf, Aaron January 1900 (has links)
Master of Science / Department of Architectural Engineering and Construction Science / Kimberly Waggle Kramer / This thesis intends to act as a resource for structural engineers or architects to make informed decisions for selecting economical bay dimensions for a steel‐framed building. This thesis utilizes a parametric study to investigate how different design variables affect economical bay sizes for a typical steel‐framed building. While there are many ways to define an “economical bay”, this analysis defines an economical bay size as the bay size that uses the least steel, measured in pounds per square foot of floor area. Although other factors contribute to the overall economy of a steel bay, this analysis only considers the weight of steel. Investigated parameters include beam spacing, beam span, girder span, floor live load intensity, and composite versus non‐composite construction. Beam center‐to‐center spacing varies from four feet to 12 feet in two‐foot increments. Beam spacing varies independently from beam span. Beam spans range from 20 feet to 52 feet in four foot increments. Girder spans also range from 20 feet to 52 feet in four foot increments. Beam and girder spans vary independently of one another. Floor live loads include 50 lb/ft², 75 lb/ft², and 100 lb/ft². The effect of member construction type is also evaluated in this analysis by considering both composite and non‐composite beams and girders. This analysis finds that 20‐foot by 20‐foot bays use the least steel per square foot, while 52‐foot by 52‐foot bays use the most. Identical bays framed with girders spanning the long direction use less steel than with beams spanning the long direction. Beams contribute the majority of the steel weight in the structure, while columns contribute the least. Live load intensity produces minimal effect on the steel weight, while the use of composite construction saves 30‐40% of steel weight versus non‐composite construction.

Automatic design methods for multi-story frames

Simpson, William McCray. January 1900 (has links)
Abstract of Thesis (Ph. D.)--Illinois Institute of Technology, 1942. / "Research publications. Illinois Institute of Technology."

"Det går om vi gör det tillsammans." En innehållsanalys om framingens roll inom kriskommunikationen under covid-19 / "It's possible if we do it together." A content analysis of Region Västerbotten's framing in crisis communication during covid-19

Näslund, Emma January 2022 (has links)
In recent years, research has focused more on the importance of language in crisis communication instead of just developing frameworks and strategies. A phenomenon that has recently become a relevant part of this is Framing theory and how this tool can change individual behaviors in situations that require such input. This paper aims to investigate the use of framing within a swedish region’s, Region Västerbotten, crisis communication during covid-19. This in order to underline the importance of language in communication for crises with uncertain time courses. This study examines the region’s press conferences and press releases in order to crystallize important themes related to framing. The method used for this purpose is qualitative content analysis. The results of this study show that the region has used framing to a large extent in terms of measures and facts. This communication has changed over time from being more individual-oriented and rational during the pre-crisis stage, to focus more on measures and used emotional stories during the acute and chronic phases of the crisis. In resolving the crisis, the region has hardly used this type of framing at all. This can be explained by the fact that the communication followed the development of the crisis and used more measures when the individuals in society needed to change their behavior.

Invandringen till Sverige och hur medier gestaltar den : En uppsats om fyra svenska rikstäckande tidningars rapportering om invandring och deras överensstämmelse till verkligheten

Andersson, Felicia, Nedlund, Evelina January 2016 (has links)
Syftet med den här uppsatsen är att undersöka hur invandring gestaltas i de fyra tidningarna Aftonbladet, Expressen, Dagens Nyheter och Svenska Dagbladet under tidsperioden januari 2010 till juni 2015. Den teori som uppsatsen har sin utgångspunkt i är gestaltningsteorin. Det uppstår ett problem om medierna gestaltar verkligheten på ett sätt som inte stämmer överens med den faktiska verkligheten. Eftersom nyheterna har en inverkan på människors attityder kan mediernas gestaltning av verkligheten också påverka deras bild av den faktiska verkligheten, vilket i sin tur kan påverka opinionen och demokratin. Resultaten visar att medierna rapporterat mer om flyktinginvandring än om någon annan typ av invandring. Tidningarna gestaltar även invandring som ett problem mer än dubbelt så ofta som den gestaltas som en tillgång. Det syns särskilt tydligt genom att den vanligaste gestaltningen är att invandring bidrar till att försvaga den sociala sammanhållningen i Sverige. En del av resultaten jämförs med statistik från Migrationsverket, vilket visar att den verklighet medierna förmedlar till stor del inte överensstämmer med den faktiska verkligheten.

En kvalitativ studie av effekter på användarens attityder

Cederström, Alexandra, Larsson, Isabell January 1900 (has links)
Syfte & frågeställningar: Studiens syfte var att studera effekten på medieanvändares attityder. För att få en djupare förståelse och uppfattning om effekter på attityden så användes barnläkarfallet som ett exempel av anmälningsfall. Hur och på vilket sätt kan media komma att ha effekt på användarnas attityder? Metod & material: Studien är gjord efter en kvalitativ metod där datainsamlandet bestod av två fokusgrupper. Totalt deltog tio personer och intervjuerna transkriberades och delades upp i teman (kodningsschema) som sedan analyserades enligt framing teorin. Huvudresultat: I resultatet kunde man utläsa att de båda fokusgrupperna hade oliker attityder gentemot barnläkarfallet. Detta trots att de båda fokusgrupperna tidigare hade en liknande uppfattning om hur media arbetar och sade sig vara källkritiska. Då grupperna fick två olika gestaltningar av händelsen kunde man i resultatet se att den attityd man hade gentemot barnläkarfallet tycktes också haft en effekt beroende på vilken gestaltning man fått tillgång till under fokusgruppen. Samma specifika händelse, gestaltat på olika sätt via medier, hade alltså en tydlig effekt på deltagarnas attityd.

The Art of Persuasion: Self-Esteem, Message Framing, and the Persuasiveness of Prosocial Messages

He, Theresa (Huan) 24 December 2015 (has links)
Our planet currently faces an environmental crisis. Thus, understanding how to persuade people to donate their time and money to environmental organizations has become an ever-pressing concern. Prior research has shown that personality factors such as the behavioural inhibition system (BIS) and the behavioural activation system (BAS) along with promotion and prevention orientations can interact with message frame (i.e, gain- versus loss-framing) to induce regulatory or affective fit, thereby increasing the persuasiveness of the message (e.g. Higgins, 2000; Updegraff, Sherman, Luyster, & Mann, 2007). I propose and test the hypothesis that self-esteem will also interact with message frame to increase persuasion, even when BIS/BAS and promotion/prevention are controlled. I test this hypothesis in two experiments (Ns = 828 and 1614). In each study, participants completed a series of questionnaires assessing BIS/BAS, promotion/prevention, and self-esteem and then read either a gain- or loss-framed environmental message. Then participants completed a memory test concerning the message content. Finally, they completed a donation task in which they apportioned a lump sum of money to five different charities, including one environmental charity. Contrary to my hypotheses, there was no interaction between self-esteem and message frame in either study. However, participants in the loss-framed condition donated more money to the environmental charity than did participants in the gain-framed condition, and this difference was explained by participants' greater memory for the loss-framed message. Moreover, the second experiment demonstrated that participants also reported stronger intentions to behave pro-environmentally when they had donated money to the environmental charity. Thus it appears that loss-framed messages are more effective at persuading people to donate time and money to environmental causes. Due to the paucity and mixed-results of research on gain- and loss-framing in the environmental field, my research can help contribute to the few studies on this topic. The practical application of these results may prove useful to environmental charities and organizations. / Graduate / 2017-12-16 / 0451

Renarrating the Berbers in three Amazigh translations of the Holy Quran : paratextual and framing strategies

Alkroud, Eman January 2018 (has links)
In the aftermath of the independence of Morocco and Algeria in the second half of the twentieth century, each sought to create one homogeneous nation-state, defining themselves as Arab, declaring Arabic language as the only official language and embarking on Arabisation campaign that attempted to eliminate any ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity. The Berber community which comprised 40% of the Moroccan population (Madani 2003, Silverstein and Crawford 2004, Maddy-Weitzman 2006) and 25% of the Algerian population (Ennaji 2009) appeared to be relegated to an inferior position and pushed back to the peripheries. This situation gave rise to what is generally referred to as ‘the Berber question’; the Berbers became increasingly aware of their minority status and began to demand certain linguistic and cultural rights. Translation, most importantly the translation of the Holy Quran, became an important means of asserting these rights and the identity of the Berber as a distinct nation. Drawing on paratext theory as proposed by Genette (1997) and framing theory as put forward by Goffman (1974) and elaborated by others (e.g. Entman 1993, Snow and Benford 1988, 2000 and Asimakoulas 2009), the study investigated the role that three Berber translations of the Holy Quran have played in renegotiating the political landscape of Berber communities in the past eighteen years (1999-2017). Analysis of the three translations have shown that the translators, while being faithful to the text, managed to signal their difference, foreground their language and culture and question, challenge and even undermine widespread official claims, through subtle, counter-hegemonic moves, using framing strategies and a toolbox of paratextual devices.

Framingen av en budgetkris : Hur gestaltades USA:s budgetkris under oktober månad 2013 i svensk dagspress?

Landberg-Grape, Pascal, Kempe, Emelie January 2014 (has links)
The U.S. came close to hit their debt ceiling and had some severe trouble getting a federal budget in order in the fall 2013, which raised a global news echo around the world. The purpose of this study is to look at of how the Swedish newspapers framed this specific event; we wanted to find the dominated similarities and differences in the different articles as well as see if our domestic perspective appeared in the frames. In order to come to a conclusion we first read all the material published between the dates of the 2th to the 17th of October in our chosen newspapers, we then did a mapping schedule and sorted through the articles, two of our main sorting points were “the dominating framing” and “the dominating operator” in each and every article. Based on that result we used a qualitative content analysis approach in the shape of a framing analysis of a lesser number of articles. The result showed that this event can be framed in a variety of ways. Some of the dominating frames focused on economic consequences from a domesticated perspective, some focused on the positivity and  some framed it as a race against the clock. This concludes that the dominating frame in each article was often individual, while some of the less dominating frames in each article had similarities with each other, although the differences were more prominent.

Inelastic performance of welded cold-formed steel strap braced walls

Comeau, Gilles. January 1900 (has links)
Thesis (M.Eng.). / Written for the Dept. of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics. Title from title page of PDF (viewed 2008/04/12). Includes bibliographical references.

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