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Creating a product to increase internal motivation to use technology in the classroom

Klamik, Loretta T. 07 1900 (has links)
Technology integration is a national initiative; however, some teachers are still unwilling or unable to use computers in the classroom. Attitude has been identified as a factor inhibiting teachers. Therefore, this study attempted to use recommended design principles to create a professional development product to improve attitudes of non-users by informing these teachers about the importance of technology, providing solutions to common barriers, and offering step-by-step suggestions for sample projects incorporating technology to address specific curricular concerns. The study, however, was challenged by the current organization and leadership of area schools. The approach to the study changed and progress was made. After four weeks of access to the product, quantitative data indicate that the product produced some significant changes. A summary of barriers, conclusions, and implications is included. / Thesis (Ph.D.)--Wichita State University, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dept. of Psychology / "July 2005."

Att motivera elever till läsning : En studie av fyra lärare i de tidiga åren / To motivate pupils to read : A study of your teachers in the early grades

Petersson, Eleanor, Theise, Mia January 2018 (has links)
The aim of the study is to investigate how four teachers work to motivate pupils to read. The study also investigates the similarities and differences between grades 1 and 3 in the teachers’ efforts to motivate pupils to read. Reading is a central part of school work, not only in the subject of Swedish but also in other subjects. The result of previous PISA studies shows that Swedish pupils have deteriorated in reading comprehension. We therefore want to find out how teachers work to motivate pupils to read. The method in the study proceeds from semi-structured interviews. The interviews were recorded and transcribed. The result shows that different methods are used to motivate pupils to read. Reading aloud is a method that all teachers use in order to motivate the pupils. It was also found that the informants work with external motivation. This means, for example, rewarding pupils when they read or telling them what the purpose of reading is. More similarities than differences were found in the way teachers work with motivation in grades 1 and 3.

Exploring Potential Downsides of Job Crafting

Albert, Melissa A. 29 August 2022 (has links)
No description available.

En studie om studenters upplevda kontrollokus och akademiska motivation i relation till arbetslivserfarenhet och ålder / A study of students' perceived locus of control and academic motivation in relation to work and age

Çoktel Ericsson, Jenny, Tidehorn, Madeleine January 2014 (has links)
Syftet var att undersöka skillnader mellan olika studentgrupper uppdelat efter år av arbetslivserfarenhet och ålder. Detta för att se om arbetslivserfarenhet och ålder hade någon betydelse för studenters interna motivation, externa motivation, amotivation och kontrollokus. I tvärsnittsstudien deltog 71 studenter (60 kvinnor och 11 män) från en högskola i Mellansverige och deltagarnas ålderspridning var 19-47 år. Undersökningen byggde på två enkäter; The Academic motivation scale (AMS-C28) for college students (Ryan & Deci, 2000) och Academic locus of control scale for college students (ALC) (Trice, 2013). Statistiskt signifikant skillnad fanns mellan en studentgrupp som var 19-22 år gamla och en studentgrupp som var 26 år och äldre på kontrollokus, där resultatet visade att den äldsta gruppen upplevde mer externt kontrollokus än den yngre gruppen. Statistiskt signifikanta skillnader fanns även mellan en studentgrupp som hade mellan 0-2 års arbetslivserfarenhet och en studentgrupp som hade mer än 4 års arbetslivserfarenhet på kontrollokus där de studenter som hade mer arbetslivserfarenhet upplevde mer externt kontrollokus än den grupp som hade mindre arbetslivserfarenhet. Arbetslivserfarenhet och ålder visade ett positivt statistiskt signifikant samband samt externt kontrollokus och ålder. Externt kontrollokus och arbetslivserfarenhet visade svagt positivt statistiskt signifikant samband och det fanns även ett svagt negativt samband mellan externt kontrollokus och extern motivation. Ytterligare ett positivt signifikant samband fanns mellan intern motivation och extern motivation. Resultatet visade inga skillnader eller samband vad gäller arbetslivserfarenhet och motivation. Ytterligare variabler är avgörande för att skapa en helhetsbild kring arbetslivserfarenhetens betydelse för studenter / The purpose was to examine differences between different groups of students disaggregated by years of work experience and age. The reason was to examine if the work experience and age had any significance for students' internal motivation, external motivation, amotivation and locus of control. Correlations between the above variables were also examined. In the cross-sectional study 71 students participated (60 women and 11 men) from a college in central Sweden with an age range of 19-47 years. The survey was based on; The Academic Motivation Scale (AMS- C28) for college students (Ryan & Deci, 2000) and the Academic locus of control scale for college students (ALC) (Trice, 2013). A statistically significant difference was found between one group of students who were 19-22 years old and a student group that was 26 years and older on locus of control, where the results showed that the oldest group experienced more external locus of control than the younger group. Statistically significant differences were also found among a group of students who had between 0-2 years of work experience and a student group that had more than 4 years of work experience on locus of control in which the students who had more work experience experienced more external locus of control than the group that had less work experience. Work experience and age showed a positive statistically significant relationship as well as between locus of control and age. Locus of control and work experience showed a weak positive statistically significant relationship and there was also a weak negative correlation between locus of control and external motivation. A positive significant correlation was shown between internal motivation and external motivation. The results showed no differences or relationships regarding work experience and motivation. Additional characteristics are essential to create an overall picture to the work practices relevant to students

Motivace k bojovým sportům / Motivation of combat sports

Šimáček, Pavel January 2018 (has links)
Titleofwork: Combat sports motivation. Workobjective: The aim of this diploma thesis is to determine motives for participating in certain combat sports and to examine if the individual combat sports vary from each other or whether there is a common motive. The further objective is to examine a motive for combat sports in general. Usedmethods: The diploma thesis is designed as a quantitative research using a questionnaire survey. To compile the anonymous questionnaire, the international multidimensional standardized questionnaire The Sport Motivation Scale "SMS-28" was used. The standardized questionnaire was supplemented by questions to determine the sex, age and type of combat sport. The data acquired were then statistically evaluated using pivot tables and research questions were acquired by Pareto analysis. Results: It was discovered that the most important component of motivation for combat sports in general is the inner motivation to experience, on the contrary, the least important for the respondents was the external regulation. The individual combat sports differentiated then by a different spectrum of motivation. However, there were three combat sports, in particular, karate, MMA and judo, which had common type of motivation, particularly to experience the inner motivation. Regarding...

Studiemotivation hos universitetsstudenter : En undersökning om skillnaden i studiemotivation mellan studenter på två olika universitetsprogram / Academic motivation in college students : A study on the difference in academic motivation between students attending two different college programs

Nilsson, Emma January 2020 (has links)
Syftet med studien var att jämföra motivation att studera mellan studenter på civilekonomprogrammet och förskollärarprogrammet på Karlstads universitet. Tre frågeställningar konstruerades: ”Finns det en skillnad mellan studenter som läser civilekonomprogrammet och förskollärarprogrammet med avseende på inre motivation?”, ”Finns det en skillnad mellan studenter som läser civilekonomprogrammet och förskollärarprogrammet med avseende på yttre motivation?” och ” Finns det en skillnad mellan studenter som läser civilekonomprogrammet och förskollärarprogrammet med avseende på amotivation?”. För att undersöka detta genomfördes oberoende t-test. Data samlades in via pappersenkäter från 119 deltagare varav 111 användes för analys. Av dessa 111 var 59 civilekonomstudenter och 52 förskollärarstudenter. Självskattningsinstrumentet Academic Motivation Scale användes för att mäta studiemotivation. Den oberoende variabeln var utbildningsprogram på Karlstads universitet med två nivåer, civilekonomprogrammet och förskollärarprogrammet. De tre motivationsperspektiven inre motivation, yttre motivation och amotivation samt undergrupperna att åstadkomma, förståelse, att stimuleras, yttre reglering, inåtvänd reglering och identifierad reglering utgjorde beroende variabler. Resultaten visade en signifikant skillnad mellan programmen för yttre motivation samt för undergrupperna yttre reglering, identifierad reglering, att stimuleras och förståelse. Detta visade att civilekonomstudenterna drivs mer av ett utsatt mål som de vill uppnå och är mer styrda av belöning och yttre krav än förskollärarstudenterna. Det visade även att förskollärarstudenterna värdesätter det egna valet att studera och har mer nyfikenhet och stimulerande konversationer med sina klasskamrater än civilekonomstudenterna. En ojämn könsfördelning mellan de två klasserna ska beaktas i slutsatsen. Civilekonomstudenterna hade en jämn könsfördelning och visade en signifikant skillnad mellan kvinnor och män med avseende på undergrupperna yttre reglering och att stimuleras. Detta visar att kvinnorna upplever en mer kontrollerad motivation än männen och männen visar mer engagemang i olika uppgifter än kvinnorna. Slutsatsen är att det finns en skillnad i studiemotivationen mellan studenterna i de valda utbildningsprogrammen men att den skillnaden är liten. Endast undergruppen yttre reglering hade en större spridning där civilekonomstudenterna skattade högre än 3 förskollärarstudenterna. Denna studie visar att ett beteende inte styrs av antingen inre eller yttre motivation. Motivationen kan variera i styrka och orientering. / The purpose of this study was to examine the difference in academic motivation in students attending two different college programs. Three specific research questions were constructed: “Is there a difference between students attending the economics program and the preschool teacher program with regard to internal motivation?”, “Is there a difference between students attending the economics program and the preschool teacher program with regard to extrinsic motivation?” and “Is there a difference between students attending the economics program and the preschool teacher program with regard to amotivation? To test this an independent t-test was conducted. A questionnaire was constructed to collect data from 119 participants, of which 111 were used for analysis. From the 111 participants there were 59 responses from students attending the economics program and 52 from the preschool teacher program. The self-assessment questionnaire Academic Motivation Scale was used to measure academic motivation. The independent variable was educational programs at Karlstad university with two conditions, the economics program and the preschool teacher program. The three motivational perspectives internal motivation, extrinsic motivation and amotivation including the subscales to accomplish, to know, to experience stimulation, external regulation, introjected regulation and identified regulation were the dependent variables. The results showed a significant difference between the two programs with regard to extrinsic motivation and the motivational subscales external regulation, identified regulation, to experience stimulation and to know. This showed that the students attending the economics program is more driven by an external goal they wish to achieve and are more affected by rewards and external demand than the students attending the preschool teacher program. It also showed that the preschool teacher students value their own choice to study and are more curious and have more stimulating conversations with their classmates than the economics students. An unequal gender distribution between the two college programs is to be considered in the conclusion. The students attending the economics program had an equal gender distribution and showed a significant difference between men and women with regards to external regulation and to experience stimulation. This shows that the women experience a more controlled motivation than the men and the men show more commitment in various tasks than the women. The conclusion is that there is a difference in academic motivation between the two college programs but that difference is small. Only the subscale external regulation had 5 more variance where the economics students showed a higher value then the preschool teacher student. This study showed that a behavior is not controlled by internal or extrinsic motivation. Motivation can vary in strength and orientation.

Det är lätt att motivera : En intervjustudie om pedagogiska processer som verktyg för att motivera medarbetare / It is easy to motivate : An interview study regarding pedagogical processes as a tool to motivate employees

Nelson, Julia, Petersson, Martina January 2017 (has links)
Syftet med studien är att undersöka hur en organisation med hjälp av särskilda pedagogiska processer kan påverka medarbetares inre motivation. Det finns flera teorier kring begreppen människan och motivation och forskning har visat på de tilltalande förutsättningar som motiverade medarbetare genererar för att en organisation ska nå goda resultat. Studien ämnar således att kontrastera hur organisationen arbetar med ledarskap, utvecklingsgrupper, introduktion, potential i laget och kompetensutveckling och hur dessa uppfattas hos respondenterna i relation till påverkan av deras inre motivation. Data har samlats in med hjälp av åtta semistrukturerade intervjuer. Studiens resultat visar, trots meningsskiljaktigheter kring arbetet med de pedagogiska processerna, att dessa bidrar till medarbetarnas inre motivation.  Utifrån det resultat som studien gav yttras i resultatdiskussionen en slutsats kring hur en organisation lätt kan påverka sina medarbetares inre motivation med de föreliggande pedagogiska processerna som verktyg och strategier och således bli en än mer effektiv organisation. / The aim of this bachelor level thesis is to study how an organization through specific pedagogical processes can affect employee's internal motivation. There are several theories that discuss the concepts of man and motivation and research has shown the attractive conditions that motivated employees generate for an organization to achieve good results. This bachelor level thesis therefore aims to contrast how the organization works with leadership, development groups, introduction, potential for team development and competence development and how this is perceived by the employees in relation to the influence of their internal motivation. This has been done by collecting data using semi-structured interviews. The results of the thesis, despite disagreements regarding the work of the educational processes, show that they contribute to the employees' internal motivation. Based on the results, the thesis implicated how an organization easily can influence the internal motivation of its employees, using the pedagogical processes as tools and strategies and thereby become even more effective.

Metakognition och Internet : Om gymnasieelevers informationsanvändning vid arbete med Internet

Stigmar, Martin January 2002 (has links)
This thesis describes what happens when a group of high-school students practice their ability to reflect upon their learning (metacognitive training) and then solve tasks with information collected on the Internet. The overall aim of the thesis is to make an explorative investigation to find out if exercises of metacognitive type can support the use of information for high-school students in their work with the Internet. The dissertation also aims at making clear what significance certain pre-requisites have for metacognitive training, ie if the students attend vocationally or theoretically oriented programmes and the attitude of the teacher towards metacognitive exercises. There are a number of reasons why I have chosen to investigate the field of learning and information and communication technology (ICT). The use of the Internet to search for information in school work has increased. An important reason to investigate these issues is that the use of ICT in itself doesn´t seem to mean improved learning, according to existing research. A central question to study is where the pedagogical surplus value lies in the use of the Internet in school work? In the thesis it is argued that it is not enough to provide schools with computers and Internet connections, but that something more is needed in order to achieve a development in teaching with ICT. During one year 40 students in theoretically and vocationally oriented programmes are being monitored together with their English teachers, in four different actions. The collection of data was done exploratively by interviews, logbook notes, observations and the SOLO-taxonomy. The result is accounted for in four case studies. During the action the professionalism of the teacher in creating beneficial teaching environments, by contextualizing the metacognitive exercises to things that challenge the students' internal motivation, turned out to be central. Furthermore it was shown that the students in the vocationally oriented programmes had most use of developing their reflective ability.

Hur projektledare påverkas av att arbeta i multiprojektmiljöer. : En studie om multiprojektmiljöers inverkan på projektledares inner work life.

Kask, Sara, Brala, Martin January 2015 (has links)
Att bedriva projekt som projektledare har genom tidens gång haft olika innebörd. Förr kunde det exempelvis handla om att bygga pyramider, medan det i dagsläget istället kan handla om implementering av IT-system hos organisationer. Under de senaste decennierna har projekt blivit den vanligaste formen för utförande av organisatoriska aktiviteter inom både industrin och offentlig förvaltning. Cirka 90 % av alla projekt som bedrivs i dagsläget sker även under parallella förhållanden, där en organisation utför fler projekt samtidigt, något som har gett upphov till så kallade multiprojektmiljöer. Tidigare forskning vittnar om ett flertal negativa konsekvenser som uppstår i multiprojektmiljöer, med fokus på tre karaktärsdrag: tidspress med dess snäva deadlines, fragmentering då en och samma projektledare har hand om flera projekt samtidigt, samt resurskonflikter då resurser inom organisationen delas av flera projektledare och linjeenheterna.   Studiens syfte är att tillämpa Amabile och Kramers (2011) koncept om inner work life, för att utforska hur projektledare påverkas av att arbeta i så kallade multiprojektmiljöer. Vår forskningsfråga blir därför: hur påverkas projektledares inner work life av att arbeta i en multiprojektmiljö? Amabile och Kramers (2011) koncept innehåller totalt tolv olika underkategorier som påverkar en individs inner work life.     För att besvara frågeställningen använde vi en kvalitativ metod. Fyra projektledare verksamma i multiprojektmiljöer inom den privata sektorn intervjuades. För att analysera deras svar använde vi oss sedan av en tematisk analysansats. Studiens resultat tyder på att projektledare påverkas både negativt och positivt av att arbeta i multiprojektmiljöer, där negativ påverkan är mest förekommande ur ett helhetsperspektiv. / The meaning of conducting projects has changed over time. A long time ago it could be a matter of building pyramids, today a project may consist of implementing a new IT-system. In recent decades, the project work form has become the most common approach for execution of organizational activities, both in the industry sector and public administration. Approximately 90 % of all projects conducted today are being run under circumstances where several projects are carried out in parallel, which has given rise to so-called multi-project environments. Previous research highlights a number of negative consequences that arise in multi-project environments, where the most prominent characteristics are time constraints including tight deadlines, fragmentation as a single project manager is in charge of several projects simultaneously, and resource conflicts as resources within the same organization are shared between several project managers and line units.   The purpose of our study is to apply Amabile and Kramer's (2011) concept of inner work life, to explore how project managers are affected from working in a multi-project environment. Our research question is therefore: what are the impacts on project managers inner work life from working in a multi-project environment? Amabile and Kramer's (2011) concept contains a total of twelve different categories that affect an individual's inner work life. To answer the question, we used a qualitative approach. Four project managers working in multi-project environments in the private sector were interviewed. In order to analyze their responses we used a thematic analysis approach. The results of the study indicates that project managers are affected both negatively and positively from working in multi-project environments, where negative impact is most prevalent from an overall perspective.

Vliv badatelsky orientované výuky na žáky v předmětech chemie a přírodopis / The impact of inquiry-based science education in chemistry and biology

Sloupová, Hana January 2021 (has links)
The main target of the thesis is to find the impact of using inquiry-based science education (IBSE) on pupils' inner motivation and the level of knowledge gained for ISCED 2. To reach that, two consecutive research surveys have been held. In the first part the reaction of pupils to including an IBSE task into a regular lesson has been observed. The impact on their inner motivation has been studied. The correlation between various factors (e.g. type of school, sex) and their changes in inner motivation on observed scales has been evaluated. In the second part, the existence of statistically significant difference between experimental and control group relating the motivation of pupils to do ordinary laboratory tasks has been questioned. That was studied also after implementation of IBSE. The level of knowledge of all the pupils was examined in a similar way. Implementation of IBSE itself was evaluated by an observation of pupils while performing the implemented task as well as by standardized questionnaire Intrinsic Motivation Inventory (IMI) (McAuley et al., 1989; Ryan, 1982). Acquired data have been processed by specialised software IBM SPSS Statistics 25 (IBM Corp., 2017), choosing suitable statistical methods. The results have shown that implementing IBSE tasks in chemistry education decreases...

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