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Att ha eller inte ha litteratur på olika modersmål på skolbiblioteket : en uppsats om åtta skolbiblioteks beståndsutveckling av litteratur på olika modersmål / To have or not to have literature in different native languages in the school library : thesis about eight school library development collection of literature in different native languages

Nilsson, Helena January 2016 (has links)
This thesis deals with school libraries work with development collection of literature in different native languages. The school libraries should be a learning resource for pupils and a supportive resource for educators. The purpose of this thesis was to see how school library's work with development collection of literature in different native languages. The theoretical model used in this thesis is Evans and Saponaros' development collection model. The model is used to study how to work with development collection of literature in different native languages at eight school libraries. The method used is interviews. None of the interviewed school libraries have a purchasing policy or a media plan for the purchase of literature in different native languages. Three of the school libraries have no media appropriation and can't buy any literature at all. The other five school libraries buy literature in native languages when requested by pupils. None of the school library staff thinks that they have books in different native languages that cater to the pupil's needs. There are three resources' that the school library staff needs to develop their collection concerning literature in different native languages: time, funds and knowledge. These resources' are not enough for the school libraries in this essay. School libraries would need a well-developed plan for their work with development collection of literature in different native languages.

Skolbibliotekariens yrkesroll : Hur fem skolbibliotekarier i olika kommuner uppfattar sin yrkesroll / The School Librarian role of profession : Five school librarians in different municipalities picture their professional role

Gustafsson, Cecilia January 2015 (has links)
Although the different roles of the school library have beenresearched, the research on the roles of school librarians isfragmented. In 2011 new regulations regarding school librarieswere enforced and the role of school librarians was discussed inboth culture policy issues and in education policies. The aim of thisthesis is to gain insight into how school librarians themselvesexperience their professional role.The results are based on semi-structured interviews. Five schoollibrarians were interviewed in different municipalities. The schoollibrarians described their various assignments and conditions in theirschool libraries. The theoretical framework and analysis is based ondifferent roles identified by Anders Ørom and Trine Schreiber inpublic library contexts combined with Carol Kuhlthau´s identificationof the school librarian´s pedagogical role.The empirical data revealed that the librarians experience theirprofessional role mostly as cultural intermediators and to someextent as pedagogical. The informants all found it important to beincluded as part of the school organization, which was not alwaysthe case. It is concluded that from a developmental perspective,more work need to be done to better integrate school librarians inschools, in particular by establishing the school librarian as amember of the school staff.

”Flitigt läsa gör dig klok, därför läs varenda bok” : Fallstudie om ett skolbibliotek / ”If you follow my advice, a lot of reading makes you wise” : A case study of a school library

Olsson, Ann-Christin January 1900 (has links)
This thesis investigates how the teachers at this high school use the school library.Itschool library and the teachers. The school library is a library close to the school.The library function is aimed primarily to the students of the school. In this thesis,the following questions were posed: How do the teachealso describes theconditions that exist for collaboration between the rs use the school library in theirteaching? How do the teachers collaborate with the school library?The research method used is semi-structured qualitative interviews. Thisstudy is a case study; A case study is a study of a particular case in its real context,like this school library. This study is a current status study, I study the schoollibrary at this school in real time.The theory I am using, is a taxonomy, created by Loertscher. It has ten levels,where you place the collaboration between the teachers and the school librarians atthe right level. I used the same taxonomy in the analysis.The results are in line withprevious research. The teachers and the school library do not collaborate as muchas they could. The students mostly use the school library when they want to borrowfiction. When the school library has got an obvious place in the school organisationand when the school management is highly supportive to cooperation, a highergrade of collaboration is reached and more reading support activities can take placein school. / <p>Titeln är ett citat ur berättelsen ”Den flitige gossen”, skriven av AxelWallengren (1865-1896)</p>

Söka, sovra, läsa, lära : om ett gymnasiebibliotek som pedagogiskt hjälpmedel / Search, sift, read, learn : about an upper secondary school library as a pedagogical resource

Marklund, Karin January 1997 (has links)
This is a thesis about an upper secondary  school library and its role as a pedagogkal resour­ce. My purpose has been to find out about the views and experiences of the staff at the school library and twelve teachers at the upper secondary school  conceming the school library as a pedagogical resource. Fourteen  qualitative interviews have been accomplished, twelve  with teachers and the rest with the staff of the school library. All the interviewees seem to think that their school library has an important function as a pedagogical resource and both the librarian and the teachers have given me some examples of occasions when the library has been used as a pedagogkal resource. This school library is mostly used as a complement to other pedagogical resources but for some longer projects with an investigative character it could sometimes be used as the main source according to the answers in these fourteen  interviews.

Lätt att läsa men svårt att hitta? : En fallstudie av lättlästa böcker på Talavidskolans bibliotek / Easy to read but hard to find? : A case study of easy readers at the school library of Talavidskolan

Stenholm, Åsa January 2016 (has links)
This thesis reports from a case study which aims to investigate how to improve and simplify book promotion, targeting students with reading difficulties. It also aims to investigate existing models which school libraries can use in promotion. The following questions are answered: How does display and shelving affect the number of loans? Can a marketing model be used successfully to analyze projects at a school library? The case studied was part of a project at the library of a Swedish primary school. The project's intention was to increase the circulation of easy-to-read books. These books were moved, re-labeled and displayed in different ways during the project. The study is based on statistics gathered by the school librarian, as well as an interview. To analyze the findings, an adapted version of Francois Colbert's Marketing Model for Cultural Enterprises was used. This proved to be a useful tool to plan and evaluate marketing projects. An issue in this case was that no clear goal was formulated when planning the project studied. The result of the case study shows that marketing is important. The statistical data showed a temporary decrease in the number of loans when books were re-shelved, but a longtime increase. All kinds of displaying increase the number of loans.Also shown was the benefit of librarians using an adapted tool, such as Colbert's model, to analyze and evaluate projects. However further adaptation is needed to obtain greater success.

-Vem är jag att döma det? : En intervjustudie av skolbibliotekariers urval av böcker inför bokprat / -Who am I to judge? : An interview study of school librarians´ choice of books for book talks

Wigh, Janette January 2016 (has links)
The aim of this thesis is to investigate how four educated school librarians select titels to present to their pupils during book talks, and their understanding of the concept of quality. I have used two main questions: * What method of selection do the interviewed school librarians use when they choose books to present during book talks? * How do the interviewed school librarians understand the concept of quality in relation to book talks? In order to obtain answers to my questions I have used the qualitative method of semi-structured interviews. I interviewed four school librarians who work with book talks for children from ages 6-12. To analyse their answers I used three views on reading: the pragmatic, the traditionalistic and the emancipatory view. I found that the most important factor in my informants’ book selection is that they chose books they believe the pupils would enjoy reading. They were reluctant to define the concept of quality and the common view was that the fact the pupils were reading was more important than the value of the content in the book.

Biblioteket och läshundar : Läshundar som en metod för bibliotekets arbete inom lässtimulans / The library and reading dogs : Reading dogs as a method for the library´s work within encouraging reading

Eriksson, Kristina January 2015 (has links)
There is a growing interest among libraries for using assistance of dogs in reading training for children. Many Swedish school libraries and public libraries are already today using this kind of pedagogy. From study results we can see that humans feel relaxed and calm together with kind animals. This affects humans physically and psychologically in different ways for example; lowering the blood pressure and set off calming hormones oxytocin. As we all know that reading out loud can be a very stressful situation so taking assistance of a reading dog or an assisting dog can be very helpful. Designed as a qualitative interview study, by interviewing project leaders, school and children’s librarians working with this kind of reading activity, this study examines the questions: how is reading stimulation using reading dogs depicted in practice? How does the projects and how function and how does the Project’s librarians experience this kind of pedagogy? Finally how do reading dogs affect reading activities in the school libraries and public libraries looking through the sociocultural view and the literacy concept? The interviews made in this study suggest that research in the field is needed and financial help is crucial for them to survive so the ongoing or finished projects with assistance or reading dogs can continue in the future. Though the positive results from trying the method gave a wanting for a continuation but sometimes there is no clear plan how to proceed. The guidance from research and financial help could make a huge difference for the librarians working with this pedagogy.

Skolbibliotek : vem bryr sig? En undersökning av 14 organisationers syn på skolbibliotek under 1995 / How did 14 Swedish organizations view the role of the school library media centre during 1995?

Omstedt, Britt January 1997 (has links)
In the Swedish school library discussion, the most prominent role of the school library haslong been that of cultural centre in the school, with the main goal being to encourage children&apos;sreading. During the 90ies there were signs of a shift in focus to the role of information centre,giving active support across the whole range of the curriculum, in the independent researchingwork of the students. At the same time severe budget cuts caused great worries for the future.The interest for the school library media centres increased during this time, many differentorganizations said they wanted to fight for better school libraries. The purpose of the presentwork was to find out who they are, what they want and what their ideal school library lookslike. Fourteen organizations were studied, focus was on activities during 1995. The methodsused were; analysis of curriculum text linked to a model for describing library activities;interviews with representatives of the different organizations; text analysis of the journals ofthe organizations and a search in a reference data base. The main results were the following:The new national curriculum does not mention schoool libraries. Despite this, an interpretation,made by a librarian, shows many passages in the text pointing to a great need of a stronglibrary function in the schools as they tum to the more resource based, problem solving learningemphasized by the curriculum. The results also show that, despite joint efforts to strengthenthe school library media centres, a general agreement on the role of the library in the schoolhas still not been reached. A comparision between the result of the interviews and the analysisof the official journals of the organizations showed a discrepancy in the view of the importanceof the school library in implementing the new cumculum. The search in a reference data baseshowed that during 1995 school library issues were of real interest in the library press only,with very few articles in educational press or daily papers.

Tre skolor i en mindre kommun : En kvalitativ studie av grundskolerektorers syn på skolbiblioteksverksamhet / Three elementary schools in a smaller county : A qualitative study of elementary school administrator’s view on library media centers

Nilsson, Rebecca, Salmi, Therese January 2012 (has links)
The purpose of this bachelor’s thesis is to examine what attitudes the administrators of the selected elementary schools have towards school library media centers in general but also towards their own respective library media centers. Furthermore, it is to examine the administrators’ views on their school librarian’s role in the library media center as well as an integrated part of the school activities. A branch in this purpose is to examine if there is any differences in staffing the library media centers with a library media specialist or a teacher-librarian. To fulfill these purposes seven qualitative interviews were made with four administrators and three school librarians at three different elementary schools. Loertscher’s taxonomies of the school library media program were then used to analyze the interviews. The result of the study shows that even though the administrators have visions for the library media center, they do not have enough time or funding to act on them. Therefore the conclusion is that it is not what kind of school librarian that the administrators staff their library media center with that mainly will affect the outcome of the library media center, but rather what qualifications they have and if their visions correlates with the administrator’s. Also, the size of the staffing is a key factor to whether or not the library media center will advance so that it will be able to help increase the academic achievement at the school. But most importantly the school librarian needs the administrator’s support to develop the library media center.

Skolbiblioteket i undervisningen : Uppfattningar om skolbiblioteket av några lärare i förskoleklass och grundskolans senare år / The school library in teaching : Perceptions of the school library by some teachers in preschool and secondary school

Brickarp, Maja, Nilsson, Elin January 2011 (has links)
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