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¡§SME-MIT¡¨¡GAn inquiry of knowing process from phenomenological perspectives

Chang, Chih-lung 15 August 2011 (has links)
To comprehend the meaning of ¡§SME-MIT¡¨, this research is focus on the life experiences and entrepreneurial stories of SME-enterprisers who have engaged in manufacturing merchandise in Taiwan. In this research, I adopt Husserlian's Phenomenological perspectives to conduct a holistic analysis on these entrepreneurial stories, and try to converse with them continually with a reflection on myself. The features ¡§SME-MIT¡¨ represents in the process of entrepreneurship are: a conformation of a series of body experiences, a practical attitude about holding fast to what is good, and a family-like chemistry between long-term partners Besides, the The ¡§SME-MIT¡¨ experiences entrepreneurs are founded through a phenomenological approach in the research. They not only have encouraged the enterprisers themself to reconstruct subjectivity and return to their hometown, but also has build up unique competitive advantages of businesses for the enterprisers.

-"Varsågod publiken". : Community Theatre- en möjlig väg för tonårstjejer att ta plats i samhällsdebatten?

Schönfeldt, Ylva January 2014 (has links)
This paper is a qualitative study based on a phenomenological perspective. The purpose of the study has been to examine how the artistic work with a Community Theatre can visualize the beliefs held by young girls in Skellefteå today regarding the power structures that exist in their lives and how they affect them. Furthermore, the study aims to examine how the work of a theater can provide participants with the opportunity to visualize these structures of power to the public. Questions raised in the study concerns the power structures the young girls are experiencing in their daily lives, how they affect them, how to through a theater approach them in an artistic practice and how the participants' experience of existing power structures is influenced by the work of a theater. The study began with a focus conversation about the participants' view of power in different areas. Based on the conversation, we decided to revise and orchestrate a part of Shakespeare's Othello, focusing on jealousy and men's violence against women in intimate relationships. This was rehearsed and performed to an audience during Trästockfestivalen in Skellefteå. The study ended with a further focus conversation which concerned the work of the theater production and how it affected the participants' view of power. The results show that participants believe that it has been useful to work with the power structures in this way. In particular, they have appreciated the discussions and the opportunity of amateurs to work with the profession, and in this work get visibility to real-life, current issues for an audience.

I Don't Feel Like Myself : Women's Accounts of Normality and Authenticity in the Field of Menstruation

Adams Lyngbäck, Elizabeth January 2010 (has links)
The aim of this master thesis is to contribute to a deeper understanding of women’s experiences in regard to menstrually related suffering. These particular experiences are examined in relation to notions of normality and authenticity. The study designed for this purpose is based on the life world of women in order to explore these ideas. The visceral signs originating from within the body are generally understood to be undetectable when working properly. Such is not the case for many women who menstruate. The cyclical change in physical and mental states associated with the menstrual cycle provide an opportunity to study how going in and out of different ways of being in the world influence human experience. Thematic interviews were conducted asking ten women living in Sweden to share their experiences of suffering related to the menstrual cycle. A phenomenological approach with focus on the body was used to study how changing ways of being in the world contribute to the construction of illness and health. Beginning with discussions about their experiences of suffering revealed that women thought in terms of when they felt like themselves and when they did not. Organization of time was interrelated with how women understood their experiences. Emphasizing recurring negative experiences lead to contemplation about causes of suffering and comparison of different states of being. The lack of ‘one’s selfness’ due to what is commonly referred to as PMS represents the dilemma these women describe. The need to have control over the outward representation of one’s self is discussed in light of different medical technologies like SSRI antidepressant use and hormonal therapies which revealed that women saw the origins of their suffering to be a product of society but tightly connected to their identity as women and were not willing to be without a menstrual cycle. Phenomenological ideas about embodiment were used to understand how suffering was seen both as a sign of health and as a part of the self.

Svenska ungdomars drogturism i Barcelona - en kvalitativ studie om drogturismen i Barcelona

Riderelli, Mario January 2013 (has links)
Syftet med denna studie är att undersöka drogturismen från ett fenomenologiskt perspektiv, alltså försöka förstå fenomenet som den upplevs av aktörerna. Baserad på en fältstudie där jag genomför intervjuer så är målet att kunna förklara hur och varför drogturism uppstår. Intervjuer har genomförts med individer som har rest till Barcelona under olika tidsperioder och tagit del av drogscenen. Tidigare studier har visat att semesterresor är vanligt förekommande för att initiera ett drogbruk. En hypotes avseende orsaken till droganvändandet är att resan till semesterorten skulle vara en medveten handling som genomförs med syfte att använda droger, s k drogturism. Studiens resultat visar att droganvändningen sker främst p.g.a. tillgängligheten av drogerna, acceptansen för mildare droger samt att riskerna upplevs som mindre. Några deltagare i studien hade även ideologiska samt moraliska ståndpunkter enligt droger och droglagar som är värt att belysa vidare. I en kontext där drogkulturen är mer öppen är det svårt att inte acceptera vissa beteenden och fenomen. Ytterligare studier bör genomföras i temat för att kunna skapa mer generaliserbara resultat. / The purpose of this study was to investigate drog tourim from a phenomenological perspective, meaning trying to understand the phenomena is it was experienced by the participants. Based on a field study where I conduct interviews the aim is to be able to explain how and why drug tourism occurs. Interviews has been conducted with individuals that have traveled to Barcelona under different time periods and taken part of the drug scene. Previous studies have shown that vacation trips are common to initiate a drug use. A hypothesis regarding the reason behind the drug use is that the trip to the vacation destination would be a conscious act that is carried out with the purpose of using drugs, s.c. drug tourism. The study’s results show that the drug use is mainly because of the accessibility, the acceptance of lighter drug and that the risks are perceived as less. Some participants in the study had even ideological and moral standpoints according to drugs and drug laws that are worth highlighting further. In a context where the drug culture is more open it’s hard not to accept certain conducts and phenomena. Additional studies should be conducted in the theme in order to create more generalizable results.

Vad gör ni där ute? : En kvalitativ studie av förskollärares uppfattningar om uterummets betydelse för lärande

Vendell, Emma, Wikström, Mia January 2017 (has links)
The purpose of this study is to find out if preschool teachers have any ideas about teaching children in an outdoor environment and what these ideas are. We were also interested to see if the preschool teachers felt that there were any obstacles to teaching in the outdoors.   Through a phenomenological perspective, we have conducted qualitative interviews with six preschool teachers in the Stockholm area. The interviews have since been analyzed and thematized and after that presented in our study.   In our study, we have found that preschool teachers do have ideas about how children learn in an outdoor environment. These ideas we have divided into two themes, a theme in which the preschool teachers have found difficulties within the outdoor space as a learning environment and a theme through which we can see through their unreflected thoughts that they posses practical knowledge of the importance of learning in an outdoor environment.

Övning är som att lägga ett pussel : En fenomenologisk intervjustudie om stråkinstrumentlärares syn på övning och motivation / To practice is like putting together a puzzle : A phenomenological interview study on how string instrument teachers' views on practice and motivation

Haglund, Sofie January 2022 (has links)
När jag blickar tillbaka på när jag själv gick på kulturskola och spelade cello som barn var det inte mycket fokus på hur jag skulle öva, bara att öva. Med denna studie har jag valt att undersöka hur stråkinstrumentlärare ger ut övningsstrategier och hur de motiverar sina elever till att öva. Den tidigare forskning som lyfts fram visar att elever ska få metoder för att kunna arbeta självständigt och att elever ska kunna utveckla en förståelse för vilken typ av övning som bör betonas. Ansvaret för lärande ligger hos elever men att dom är beroende av musiklärare för vägledning och motivation. Genom semistrukturerade intervjuer som datainsamlingsmetod syftar föreliggande studie till att studera stråkinstrumentlärares syn på övning och motivation. Forskningsfrågorna som ligger till grund för arbetet berör hur stråkinstrumentlärare erfar och uppfattar elevers övning och motivation i sin egen musikundervisning, vilka ideal och förväntningar lärarna har på sina elever samt lärares metoder för att lära ut. Metodmässigt har studien sin grund i kvalitativa ansatser med en fenomenologisk utgångspunkt. Resultatet av studien visar att stråkinstrumentlärare uppfattar övning som ett stort begrepp och att det finns många vinklar att se övning på. Det framkommer att elevers önskan på vad de själva vill spela är oerhört betydelsefullt för eleverna. Ett till resultat visar på genom att öva utvecklar sig elever på sitt instrument och stycke, därmed kan elever tycka det är roligare att spela ihop med andra människor just för att de har övat på sina stycken, vilket kan bli motivation till att öva. Avslutningsvis förs en diskussion kring studiens resultat och huruvida övning och motivation kan hänga ihop och hur stråkinstrumentlärare motiverar genom löften. Själva övandet i sig självt är en inre drivkraft som är motiverande samt att övandet innehåller en bekräftelse på att det är någonting elever kan, vilket ger ett löfte på att elever kommer kunna klara av det dom spelar.   Nyckelord: Övning, motivation, stråkinstrumentlärare, fenomenologiskt perspektiv, intervjuer / When I look back on when I went to music school and played the cello as a child, there was not much focus on how I should practice, just to practice. I have with this study chosen to investigate how string instrument teachers publish practice strategies and how they motivate their students to practice. Previous research that highlights shows that students should be given methods to be able to work independently and that students should be able to develop an understanding of the type of exercise that should be emphasized. It is the student’s responsibility to learn, but they are dependent on music teachers for guidance and motivation. Through semi-structured interviews as a collection method of data, this essay aims to study string instrument teachers views on practice and motivation. The research questions that form the basis of the study concern how string instrument teachers experience and perceive students practice and motivation in their own music teaching, what ideals and expectations teachers have of their students and teacher’s methods of teaching. Methodologically, the study is based on qualitative approaches with a phenomenological starting point. The result of the study shows that string instrument teachers perceive exercise as a big concept and that there are many angles to look at practice. It turns out that student’s desire for what they themselves want to play is extremely important for them. Another result shows that by practicing, students develop on their instrument and piece, thus students may find it more fun to play with other people precisely because they have practiced their pieces, which can be motivation to practice. Finally, there is a discussion about the results of the study and whether practice and motivation can be connected and how string instrument teachers motivate through promises. The practice itself is an inner driving force that is motivating and to practice contains a confirmation that it is something students can do, which gives a promise that students will be able to cope with what they play. Keywords: Practice, motivation, string instrument teacher, phenomenological perspective, interview

Utomhuspedagogisk undervisning : Lärandet utomhus och miljöns betydelse / Outdoor pedagogical tuition : teaching outdoors and the importance of the environment

Turunen Eserberg, Paulina, Jansheden, Rosanna January 2021 (has links)
The aim of this study is to find ways to have outdoor tuition with preschool children. The study also researches how to do outdoors to promote children's learning and to know what pedagogical leaders think about outdoor pedagogy. The study is based on six questionnaires and two interviews where both pedagogical leaders and preschool teachers participated. We used a sociocultural perspective and phenomenological perspective when we analyzed the answers. The results of the study show that there are several ways to have outdoor tuition that promotes children's learning in different ways. The respondents of this study give many suggestions on how the tuition can look like and what strategies to use. One way to have tuitions outside can be to use activity cards where children get different missions to do or things to get and compare with each other in the woods. Another way is to use theme-based boxes with materials sorted in categories, for example a coloring box or a building- and construction box. All the responders answer that they think outdoor pedagogy is important and see benefits with having tuitions outdoors. The study concludes in the researchers own reflections about this study. The study suggests that tuitions should be educative and lust-filled for the children in preschool and to capture their interests. The tuition you do inside a preschool you also can do in other places, in other local environments that lay near the preschool for example in the woods or at a playground.

Spela utan noter! : Om mental förberedelse inför utantillspel / Play without notes! : A self-study about mental preparation for playing by heart

Haglund, Sofie January 2019 (has links)
Syftet med detta självständiga arbetet är att utforska min förmåga till att lära mig spela utantill. De två forskningsfrågorna som bär upp syftet är: vilka övningsstrategier använder jag vid spel utan noter? Hur upplever jag övningen när jag spelar med och utan noter? Arbetet utgår från det fenomenologiska perspektivet och baseras på videoobservationer och loggboksanteckningar av mig själv. Resultatet presenteras genom filminspelning och loggbok baserat på mina kommentarer och olika teman som beskriver fokus, metoder i övning, spela med noter, utantillspel och uppspelning för andra människor. Till sist diskuteras resultatet i förhållande till tidigare forskning och perspektivet. I denna del diskuteras även fördelar med utantillspel, koncentration och närvaro. / The purpose of this study is to explore my ability to learn how to play music without support from any score in front of me, to play music by heart. The study is supported by the following research questions: what kind of practice- strategy can be used when learning the ability to play music by heart and how it feels and how I perceive the situation to make music when I play with and without notes? This study is based on phenomenological perspective based on a writing-log and video recordings of myself. The result is presented through video recording and logbook based on my comments and different themes that describe my focus, methods in exercise, play by heart and awareness in the present and playing for other people. Finally, the results are discussed in relation to previous research, where the phenomenological perspective is the basis. This section also discusses benefits to play music whitout notes, concentration and presence.

"Man måste vara driftig för att komma någonstans" : Elevers erfarenheter av IT-baserade lärverktyg i undervisningen

Norrman, Helene January 2013 (has links)
Mitt övergripande syfte med denna studie är att ur ett livsvärldsperspektiv undersöka hur tre elever med läs- och skrivsvårigheter upplever användandet av IT - baserade lärverktyg. Studien vill även ta upp elevernas erfarenheter av att använda sig av IT -baserade lärverktyg i undervisningen som en del av deras lärande, ur dåtida, nutida och framtida perspektiv.   Ansatsen livsvärldsfenomenologi har legat till grund för denna studie. Den ger tillträde till att undersöka och beskriva elevers levda erfarenheter. I livsvärldsfenomenologisk ansats får jag tillträde till personers livsvärldar.   Som metod användes kvalitativ forskningsintervju. I studien visar sig detta genom att jag använde mig av en frågeguide. Mina frågor var få och mitt intresse för elevernas egna berättande var i fokus.     Eleverna beskriver att de IT -baserade lärverktygen har blivit en del av deras livsvärld. Att använda sig av dem i undervisningen ses som en naturlighet. De använder sig dagligen av någon form av IT -baserade lärverktyg. Dessa kan vara datorer, surfplattor eller smartphones. Lärarna har ökat sin kompetens vad det gäller att implementera dessa i undervisningen. I resultatet visar det sig att eleverna upplever ett behov av att använda sig av IT -baserade lärverktyg, för att utveckla sitt lärande i undervisningen. Eleverna ser nyttan med dem. / My purpose with this study is that, from a lifeworld perspective examine how three students with reading and writing difficulties experience the use of assistive technology. In this study you also learn about the students’ experience in the use of assistive technology in teaching as part of their learning from past time, present and future perspective. Lifeworld phenomenology has been the approach for this study. It provides access to investigate and describe the students’ lived experiences. The method that I used is a qualitative research interview. In the study I have used an interview guide. My questions were few and my interest in the students' own narrative was in focus.   Students describe that the assistive technology has become a part of their lifeworld. Making use of them in teaching is seen as an everyday activity. They daily use some form of assistive technology. These can be computers, tablets or smartphones. Teachers have increased their skills when it comes to implementing them in their teaching. The result shows that students feel a need to make use of assistive technology to develop their learning in teaching. They can see the profit in using them.

Gebruik van Beck se kognitiewe terapie by sekondêre skoolleerders met subkliniese depressie / The use of Beck's cognitive therapy for secondary school learners with subclinical depression

Davel, Jaqualine Cecile Flower 30 June 2002 (has links)
Text in Afrikaans / Uit 'n literatuurstudie en empiriese ondersoek wat onderneem is, blyk dit dat 15-40% van alle adolessente subkliniese depressie ervaar. Veranderinge en toenemende druk en eise eie aan die adolessente-fase, bring by baie adolessente depressiewe gevoelens mee. Ten spyte van hierdie omstandighede is daar egter ook baie adolessente wat hierdie fase van ontwikkeling sonder enige noemenswaardige probleme deurloop. Aaron Beck is van mening dat dit nie die omstandighede opsigself is wat tot depressie aanleiding gee nie, maar wel die betekenis wat individue aan omstandighede gee. Beck noem dat depressiewe persone tot irrasionele oortuigings, foutiewe inligting-prosessering en disfunksionele outomatiese gedagtes geneig is. Om hierdie probleem aan te spreek is ses adolessente, wat subkliniese depressie ervaar, aan Beck se kognitiewe terapie onderwerp. Die primere doel van Beck se terapie is die regstelling van bogenoemde disfunksionele kognisies. Die gevolgtrekking is dat wanneer adolessente wat subkliniese depressie ervaar, se disfunksionele kognisies reggestel word, hulle depressiewe gevoelens opgehef word. / From a literature study and empirical research which was undertaken, it seems that 15-40% of all adolescents experience subclinical depression. Changes and increasing pressure and demands, typical of the adolescent phase, causes many adolescents to experience depressing emotions. In spite of these circumstances there are also many adolescents who go through this phase in development without any significant problems. Aaron Beck is of opinion that it is not the circumstances in and of itself that lead to depression but rather the meaning that individuals attached to these circumstances. Beck mentions that depressive people are inclined to irrational beliefs, erroneous information-processing and dysfunctional automatic thoughts. To address this problem, six adolescents who experience subclinical depression, were subjected to Beck's cognitive therapy. The primary target of Beck's therapy is the correction of above mentioned dysfunctional cognitions. The conclusion is that when the dysfunctional cognitions of adolescents who experience subclinical depression can be corrected, their depressive feelings will diminish. / Educational Studies / M. Ed. (Voorligting)

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